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Alias Training & Security Services Welcomes Bob Vogel

Monday, December 7th, 2015

Alias Training & Security Services would like to give Bob Vogel a warm welcome. Bob has joined our line-up of world class instructors for 2016. Classes are already up and available for sign-up. If you are interested in hosting a class, let them know.
Robert Vogel is a 3-time World and 20-time National Champion Practical shooter. He is classified as a USPSA Grand master and IDPA Distinguished Master class shooter. He has won recent IPSC & IDPA World Titles, and many IDPA & USPSA National, Area, and State championships with over 90+ major match victories. He is the current IDPA World & National champion in the Stock Pistol Division. Robert also has twelve years of Law Enforcement experience serving as a patrol officer, SWAT, and firearms instructor and remains a reserve officer. He is the only Law Enforcement Officer ever to achieve what he has in the competitive realm. He is quite simply one of the finest handgun shooters in the world.

Panteao Productions Introduces Make Ready with Bob Vogel: Stage Tactics of Practical Shooting

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Panteao Productions has announced a new Bob Vogel title. In Make Ready with Bob Vogel: Stage Tactics of Practical Shooting, Vogel shows you how to best approach and shoot a stage, or course of fire, in Practical shooting competition. He also reviews the gear he uses in USPSA and IDPA as well as the targets for both sports and their respective scoring methods. Using both IDPA and USPSA rules as a guideline, Vogel demonstrates match stages from the perspective of each sport. He also demonstrates the El Presidente drill, Mozambique drill, and One-and-One Drill.