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DSEi – Diamondhead

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Elite Defense showed me a set of polymer Back-Up Sights being introduced by Diamondhead.


Based on their current sights, this new polymer model uses the same diamond-shaped aperture that the company was founded upon. However, unlike current models, the new polymer model is spring loaded allowing them to pop-up when selected for use. Also, rather than a plastic aperture, Diamondhead uses an aluminum aperture for a sharper sight picture. You may notice white markings on the sights. This is a photo luminescent material that is pressed into the material.


Additionally, the rear sight integrates two different apertures for near and far range and the sight can be stowed regardless of which aperture is in use. You can adjust the front sight with a simple-to-use barrel adjust,net and the rear sight is adjusted with a coin or screwdriver.

Legion Brand Sights Now Available

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Legion Firearms rifles are now available with logo-blazoned Legion sights from Diamondhead. They’re M4 style sights for those who may not want to use the H&K style hoop and hoop image. Some shooters are of the opinion that the focal point of the front sight shouldn’t be a diamond within a diamond because it draws the two images together and your focal point is no longer the front sight post—it’s now the two images. Of course, there others who believe entirely the other way, and that such a configuration is far superior. Anyway, it’s not our purpose to take sides on the tactics/mechanics of the sight picture, just wanted to let you know the new branded Legion sights are available and are optional. They can also be purchased separately from a rifle, of course. If you decide (correctly) that these would make a great Christmas present, then mention either BOLO Report or Soldier Systems Daily when you order and get 10% off the price. Note: you must also be a ‘friend’ of Legion on Facebook to get the discount.

On a related topic, we’ve seen some people on the interwebs asking the rifle competitive shooter Nick Atkinson (who owns runs in his 3-gun competitions. The answer: it’s an LF-15C also from Legion Firearms. They’re his sponsor. The rifle has full length monolithic handguards, a NiBX coated bolt carrier group and receiver combo coating, with a CMC trigger. It weighs in at 7.2 pounds, with a hex weight bull barrel. You can purchase a similar upper or lower, or pick up the fully built rifle from Legion. The barrel uses their proprietary honeycomb fluting weight saving system (which hasn’t been named yet because they haven’t come up with a cool enough acronym to suit them). The honeycomb is a patterned barrel and is now available on their new rifles. It allows them to take an entire half pound of rifle weight in material and keep the same accuracy without any barrel walk or stringer groups (like you get when the barrels heat up). Atkinson is killing steel plates with iron sights easy at 500m using this “California edition” LF-15C (California legal, with a non-adjustable gas block).

Atkinson’s competition rifle

Here’s a video of Atkinson using an LF-15C with optic at the Ozark three-gun match.

You might be interested to know that Legion Firearms has recently introduced rifles in a burnt bronze color and have now perfected their own combat gray. Check out their website or like them on Facebook for more.

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