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Grip Pod At The Range

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Grip Pod is a vertical foregrip integrated with an expandable, internal bipod. It allows the operator to go from a CQB position to prone, and have a stable base for armed firing in place before hitting the ground.


In a previous article, we covered having range time with the Alexander Arms ‘Alexa’ AR-15 at C2 Shooting Center, and we mentioned using the GPS.LE with the weapon. In addition to the GPS.LE, we also had the opportunity to check out other products in the grip pod line.


The GPS.02 is the military model of the Grip Pod. The grip is made from reinforced polymers, while the legs are stainless steel covered with hardened polymer.

Dual Light Rail

The Grip Pod Dual light Rail is a module that attaches to the Grip Pod System, allowing the user to have a rear-activating button tactical light or laser without a pressure pad cord system.

Additionally, it has been brought up that the noise the Grip Pod system makes when the bipod is deployed can alert to the operator’s presence. This image shows that by slowly deploying the bipod legs against one’s leg, the sound signature can be reduced.

Grip Pod deployment


Alexander Arms ‘Alexa’ AR-15 At The Range

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Alexander Arms is a company that is best known for the .50 Beowulf cartridge developed by the company’s founder, Bill Alexander. They also manufacture parts, components, AR-15-style uppers, and full rifles for their proprietary cartridge in addition to the 6.5 Grendel (also co-developed by Alexander) and .17 HMR cartridges. Only relatively recently have they expanded their product line to include the NATO standard 5.56 cartridge.


We were recently invited out to C2 Shooting Center to try out the new Alexander Arms 5.56 ‘Alexa’ AR-15. The ‘Alexa’ features a fluted, chrome lined, mil-s-11595 steel cold hammer forged barrel, 16″, 1:7 twist. The upper is a flat top with extended feed ramps, and an M-16 style carrier group, chrome lined bores with fully staked gas key. The model at the range had the MK10 vented hand guard, made of G10 composite with corrosion resistant threaded inserts spaced to attach 3-inch Picatinny rail sections. Additional components included military specification stock extension tubes, an M4-style stock, and a military style trigger. The rifle was also outfitted with Manta rail covers and grip sleeves as well as an ACOG.

The Editor of SSD first fired the weapon at 50 yards in the prone position.


The left target resulted from using an unsupported rifle. The right target resulted from the rifle supported with a GPS.LE Grip Pod. As you can see, the Grip Pod was very successful in assisting with stabilizing what is an already accurate weapon.


The Editor also practiced a couple of standing-to-prone transition drills, deploying a separate GPS.LE with light rail to stabilize the rifle while prone.


While our time with the ‘Alexa’ was brief, Alexander Arms seems to have a winner on their hands. It’s a solid, accurate rifle with a crisp trigger pull that makes a fine addition to Alexander Arms’ product list.


Tactical Fanboy

Grip Pod Now in Multicam

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

US Tactical Supply now has the Grip Pod in Multicam.

Grip Pod in Multicam

In fact, US Tactical Supply is offering a wide variety of products dipped in Multicam goodness. To see the entire line, visit their Multicam page.

To purchase visit US Tactical Supply.

Phot from US Tactical Supply.