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Panteao Productions Introduces IDPA World Championship DVD

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Panteao Productions has introduced a new DVD in the Panteao Documentary series of videos called 2011 IDPA World Championship.

The IDPA World Championship drew shooters from all over the world to compete at this inaugural event. Facing 27 stages with a minimum of 326 rounds to fire, it was going to be a challenge for any shooter. To add to the complexity of the stages was the inclement weather and souring temperatures. We take you to the IDPA World Championship so that you can see the very first match of its kind and relive history being made. You’ll follow different squads firing stages that vary in complexity and hear from the shooters themselves what they thought of the match. We take you to the awards banquet and after the match, give you an inside look at one of the Shooting Sports Clinics where top shooters help other shooters improve their skills.

The DVD will begin shipping by the first week of January. Pre-orders are being accepted by Panteao. The video is also available streaming to Panteao website subscribers.

Visit the Panteao website at

New IDPA Documentary: Down Zero

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Panteao Productions has just begun pre-orders on what is the first in a new series of documentaries. The new video, called “Down Zero”, follows shooters competing at the 2011 IDPA Carolina Cup. It’s geared towards introducing people to shooting sports and gives them a rare, inside look at a match from the perspective of the competitors and safety officers. “Miami Vice” fans should get a kick out of seeing actor Michael Talbott, known for his role as Detective Stan Switek make his competitive debut. Viewers will also get a glimpse at a free shooting clinic taught after the match by shooters like Super Dave Harrington, World Champion Robert Vogel, Mark Redl, and Tom Yost.

Available for pre-order with a 1 November release, check both Panteao Productions and IDPA Headquarters for the DVD. It’s already available to subscribers at the Panteao website: