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TangoDown iOCover

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

The iOCover is now part of weapon accessory manufacturer TangoDown.


iOCover hit the scene a few months ago via a Kickstarter campaign. Billed as a “One-Handed, Built-in Lens Caps for Micro Optics” the iOCover is designed specifically to fit the Aimpoint T-1.


They made their Kickstarter goal and we threw some funding in the pot in order to secure a prototype. It was a win-win for us. We helped out a young entrepreneur and received a sample to try out. It’s been on a couple of rifles here at SSD and works great. The only issue was color matching during the prototyping phase but they’ve long since worked that out.


As you can see, it armors the optic, is easily removed and replaced to provide camouflage to the factory Black finish and incorporates lens covers that can be snapped inside one another during operation.


We’re pleased to see TangoDown working with iOCover on this project and look forward to purchasing more for the rest of our T-1s.