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Juggernaut Defense

Monday, June 28th, 2010

We regularly field questions from industry seeking help with a design. Whether the issue is ergonomics, packaging a set of electronics to fit on a rifle, or the integration of several disparate systems we send everyone to one place; Juggernaut Defense. Celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year, they bring experience in defense, public safety, firefighting, and law enforcement and you’d be amazed at some of the programs they have worked on. Their capabilities include not only industrial design and mechanical engineering but they can also conduct embedded research to learn more about how the customer operates in order to deliver the proper solution. Once it’s designed they can also prepare a full test and evaluation of the item. No one else offers this level of support to a client. If you are in the need of any of these services it is definitely worth checking Juggernaut Defense out.

Introducing Juggernaut Defense, LLC

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Juggernaut Defense, LLC

Specializing in soldier-borne equipment design & engineering, Juggernaut Defense, LLC is a full-spectrum design consultancy dedicated to the military, law-enforcement, and public safety communities. Since 2000, Juggernaut Defense has been involved in many successful programs which have provided superior survivability, communication, and lethality systems to Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Special Operators fighting in both OIF and OEF. Juggernaut Defense (located in Scottsdale, Arizona) was spun off by Chris Stalzer in November 2008 from Juggernaut Design to focus its business toward government and military design problems.

Check out their website to learn about some of the projects they have already completed.