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More on the Adcor BEAR

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

We mentioned the Adcor BEAR was going to be a US Army Individual Carbine candidate and Kit Up! has done some more in-depth reporting on the subject. Check it out.

Escape The Wolf

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

I keep meaning to mention this. Former SEAL Brandon Webb mentioned a book over at Kit Up! that I thought my readers should know about. Written by Brandon’s former Team Mate Clint Emerson, “Escape the Wolf” is a how-to guide detailing Emerson’s philosophy of risk mitigation by threat assessment. There’s nothing new to this stratagem in the military world, but for civilian’s and those in business, looking at physical threats in this light is new.

Go check the article out

Kit Up! Learns a Little More on the XM25 Deployment

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

On Wednesday, we learned from PEO Soldier that troops are calling the XM25 the “Punisher” after several months and what was characterized of 100s of rounds expended in Afghanistan. However, after some digging’s Kilt Up! got some raw data on a couple of engagements involving the XM25. It seems as if the initial information received during the media round table was a bit more optimistic than the actual data may indicate. So head on over to Kit Up! and decide for yourself. And good job on for sticking to their guns on this.