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Adcor Defense At SHOT Show 2014

Sunday, January 12th, 2014


Medal of Honor recipient Clinton “Clint” Romesha will be on hand to provide in-depth product instruction and a performance demonstration of the Adcor A-556 Elite rifle during the SHOT Show 2014 ‘Industry Day at the Range’.

Additionally, Adcor Defense will be present at SHOT Show 2014, booth #7608. The Adcor A-556 will be present at the booth. Adcor will also be offering product giveaways from Warrior Culture Gear every day of the show.

US Army Individual Carbine Down Select News

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Matthew Cox over at has a great article identifying the companies that have been down selected for the US Army Individual Carbine program. He says Colt Defense LLC, Heckler & Koch, Remington Arms Company and Adcor Defense Inc have made the cut to compete in Phase II.

More on the Adcor BEAR

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

We mentioned the Adcor BEAR was going to be a US Army Individual Carbine candidate and Kit Up! has done some more in-depth reporting on the subject. Check it out.

Adcor Defense to Offer BEAR as Improved Carbine Contender

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Adcor Defense has announced that they plan to offer their piston driven Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle (BEAR) as a candidate for the upcoming US Army Improved Carbine solicitation anticipated to be released late this month. Unlike other Stoner-style piston rifles, the BEAR’s piston is permanently attached to the bolt carrier.

“The Adcor Defense BEAR combines a new piston system with an exclusive ejection port dust wiper with cover, an ambidextrous forward-placed charging handle/forward-placed assist, and a new key-locked, highly rigid rail system,” said Jimmy Stavrakis, president of Adcor Defense Inc. “More importantly, this innovative design will increase reliability and eliminate the soldier’s most common cause of weapon failure — jamming due to operation in harsh, dirty environments.”

The fixed piston isn’t the only innovation found on the BEAR’s bolt carrier. In order to mitigate stoppages caused by dust and other debris entering the chamber, Adcor has developed a patented spring-loaded dust cover mounted on the bolt carrier. Each time the weapon fires and the weapon goes into battery, the dust cover moves into the ejection port opening, flush with the outside geometry of the carbine.

Interestingly, the BEAR also integrates an ambidextrous (user configurable) forward charging handle into the rail system. And imagine this, it’s non-reciprocating. Additionally, the barrel is free floated.