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Sneak Peek – New Holster for Modular Handgun System with Pistol Aiming Light

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

When we showed the new Pistol Aiming Light (PAiL) by LaserMax Defense for the M17/18 Modular Handgun System, there was a lot of concern about there not being a holster for the PAiL equipped pistol. Since the US military plans on buying pistols in the tens of thousands per year and each will be equipped with a holster, this really wasn’t the disaster so many made it out to be. Of course, the Army and industry have already developed a solution.


This is a first look at what will become the new holster for MHS. Because the basis of issue for MHS goes all the way down to Squad Leaders, and the PAiL will go on pistols issued to all Close Combat Forces, this PAiL compatible holster will become the standard Army holster.


A modification of the current interim MHS Holster, it is designed and produced by Safariland.


I picked a PAiL up off the table and thought it was a display model without any guts because it felt so light. It’s only 2.6 oz with battery. Here are a few shots of the PAiL. It’s capabilities include White light, IR Laser and IR Illuminator.

An interesting thing about the size and shape of the PAiL is that it mates with the MHS Trigger Guard to offer a continuous flat surface.


PAiL will commence fielding with the MHS later this year. Additionally, PAiL is already loaded on GSA for those organizations who wish to purchase it.

Contact LaserMax Defense for details.