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The Fitness Explorer Interviews Mark Twight

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

The Fitness Explorer just published a 60 Second interview with Gym Jones founder Mark Twight. Twight is well known in military circles for his mountaineering training as well as his pivotal role in the development of the Protective Combat Uniform.

What struck us most about the interview is his answer to the question, “What is fitness to you?” to which he answered, “The ability to do a task.” Check out the entire interview that is, while short, gets to the heart of the matter,

Gym Jones Launches Forum

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Founded by mountaineering legend Mark Twight, Gym Jones’ “objective is genuine fitness, not the appearance of fitness: actual capacity strengthens confidence, a facade is merely physical.” They are well known by those who want to reach their true potential. Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responder personnel are athletes. Take a look at the Gym Jones forum and you may find some kindred spirits.

PCU Alternate Source of Supply ADS

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

ADSBeyond Tactical

ADS and Beyond Tactical are proud to announce that they are beginning to offer the complete Protective Combat Uniform in the issue Ranger Green as well as Coyote. Available as an entire kit or as individual components, this is an excellent opportunity for units requiring PCU out of the procurement cycle as well as for units or individuals that wish to upgrade their current environmental clothing system. In addition to standard sizes, customers will be able to take advantage of Beyond’s custom sizing program. Originally conceived in the fall of 2001 by PM-SSS in order to satisfy an urgent need for operational clothing to combat the environment of Afghanistan, PCU is a clothing system consisting of seven levels used in concert with one another based on activity and environment.

Visual PCU Guide

ADS has gone one step further by developing an excellent DVD which provides an overview of PCU components and their use as well as some excellent background on the system’s design philosophy by the “Godfather” of PCU; Mark Twight. In concert with Kwikpoint, makers of the waterproof basic language guides currently in use in theater, ADS is offering a pocket users guide describing PCU components, environmental conditions and a wheel to help the user correlate components with conditions. This has been needed for a long time and is a must for even current users of multi-component environmental clothing systems.

Visual Users Guide - PCU

The user guide is available from Kwikpoint.

Look for a future article with more details on PCU.

Contact ADS or Beyond Tactical for more information.

User guide graphics property of Kwikpoint.