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Blade Show 18 – Master Proven Updates Zek

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Master Proven released the Zek (pronounced “Zeek” as in Ezekiel) belt axe with DDR’s DGT Gear line at NRA Show and already it’s been included in a survival kit by another manufacturer.

A hunter recently asked if they could add a glow-in-the-dark handle to the CPM 154 full tang axe so it wouldn’t be misplaced while processing game at the end of the day.

Blade Show – DDR / Master Proven

Monday, June 6th, 2016

I stopped by ABS Master Bladesmith Darrel Ralph’s booth and saw quite a few new items but I thought we’d initially discuss their DGT line of tactical gear.

This is the Shadrach, a small survival knife designed in conjunction with Master Proven and produced by DDR. The name stems from the Old Testament’s Book of Daniel, Chapter 3. Shadrach is one of four who survived an attempt at being burnt alive.

It includes the knife made from 154CM and ferro rod which is held in place with small rubber bands. This method is quite common. Next, the handle is wrapped with 550 Fire Cord so it includes a combustible material to get the fire going. There’s also a simple, Kydex sheath. 

Thes will be available from Smokey Mountain Knife Works, Blue Ridge Knives and Going Gear.

HTM Knives – Master Proven MP01

Monday, June 17th, 2013


Designed by MSG Grady Burrell (USA, Ret) and built by knife making legend Darrel Ralph of HTM Knives, the Master Proven MP01 is made from 154 CM steel with a 4.5 inch blade and an overall length of 9.25 inches. The textured handle features a hole at the rear that matches with the spur at the rear of the blade. This allows for an enclosed grip with the use of paracord or other material, increasing the retention capability of the knife. Available in ‘fixed blade’ and tanto styles, serrated or hone.

MP01 - 2

The sheath, developed by FirstSpear, uses their 6/9 Modular Pocket Technology. This makes the sheath lighter than a traditional MOLLE/PALS equivalent. Additionally, the sheath mounts closer and conforms tighter to the mounting platform due to the flexible nature of the attachment straps. The sheath is availabe in MultiCam.

MP01 - 3

Solder Systems daily readers can use code SSD223 to get the MP01 for the reduced price of $225, limit 3. Free shipping to CONUS and APOs, AK and HI add $10. To order, contact

Blade Show – HTM Announces Partnership with Master Proven

Monday, June 11th, 2012

HTM Knives has announced their partnership with Master Proven, which is an independent third-party testing evaluation organization consisting of ex military and sports professionals. HTM knives produces Made in USA knives. Together, they are producing 5 new models of military style knives. Each is designed leveraging the experience of different members of Master Proven. The first model is the MPMOD1, a fixed blade design by the combined talents of retired Army MSG Grady Burrell and knife making legend Darrel Ralph.


The blade is 4″ with an overall length of 8.25″. It features a new, patented retention system so that you won’t drop the blade and a sheath by FirstSpear.

Available 1 December, 2012. Pre-order now through


Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Master Proven is a group of evaluation teams, each comprised of 2-4 evaluators, with a team lead who has earned the Master rank in his or her respective career field, branch of service or tactical assignment. Collectively, the Master Team Leads have over 150 years of real world tactical experience. Evaluation team members are drawn from across a broad spectrum of military, law enforcement and other tactical professionals. They are all current or former: Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, Police Officers, Medics and Sheriff’s Deputies. In many cases they are both, and include a wide array of disciplines (Special Operations/SWAT, EOD, Scouts and Snipers, Patrol, Search & Rescue, Detectives, etc.).

Master Proven is an independent, 3rd party testing and evaluation organization. Pieces of individual equipment and tactical kit undergo rigorous and thorough testing in an effort to see how well the gear in question holds up to use and abuse. Anyone wishing to see a hard copy of an individual item’s evaluation results should contact MASTER PROVEN. All products that pass will be given a PASS ID number and permission granted to use the MASTER PROVEN logo.
WHEN: As needed, in an ongoing process. Equipment manufacturers submit a three (3) or more of each item to be tested. There will be a register and a number for each item evaluated and the names of the evaluators involved. Those items that successfully pass the review process will be posted on line. Items that do not pass evaluation will have that AAR returned to the manufacturer with a thorough review and suggestions as to how that particular item could be improved or brought up to par.

CONUS and OCONUS location. Evaluators test and evaluate equipment wherever they currently work or serve. That may be on a range at Camp Lejeune, outside a workshop in Alaska or on the streets of a Midwestern police department. In most cases, evaluation will occur in 2 or more different locales.

The end goal is simple; to determine what works, how it holds up to punishment and whether the price is objectively reasonable in the context of purpose, construction and performance. This is simply to provide end users with confidence that the items in question are worth spending their money on.