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Military Hardware – SAVE Tourniquet

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Utilizing a Boa closure, the SAVE tourniquet is definitely a different take on windlass-free designs.

Microsoft Word - Tourniquet Brochure Booklet.docx

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You can also check out this video taken by my friend Thumpy at Marine South of the SAVE tourniquet.


Official Release – Army Awards Military Hardware & G-Code $49 Million for New Holster System

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Right after Christmas we shared the Army’s announcement that they had awarded contracts to Military Hardware LLC and ADS Inc for the new Improved Modular Tactical Holster (IMTH) for the M9 pistol. The Military Hardware entry is a G-Code holster system consisting of the XST holster along with Duty Drop Leg, H-MAR adapter for vests and MOLLE belt mount. Although this article isn’t about them, and for those too lazy to read the original article, ADS is providing the Blackhawk! Serpa holster.


WILMINGTON, N.C., Feb. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Military Hardware llc announced today they received the U.S. Army’s primary IDIQ award to supply the new Improved Modular Tactical Holster (IMTH), a $49 million contract spanning 5-years. This watershed contract pitted two emerging small businesses against a multi-billion-dollar global aerospace and defense giant. The little guys won.

To win the award Military Hardware partnered with Edgeworks Manufacturing to provide the G-Code XST (Extreme Service Tactical) holster with four separate mounting platforms, exceeding the Army’s bid requirement. Both Military Hardware and Edgeworks are privately held small businesses located in Southeastern North Carolina.

Industry insiders credit Scott Evans, Founder and CEO of Edgeworks, as the original innovator of modular holster design. Military Hardware’s Founder and CEO, F. Scott Harry, said, “A decade ago when I saw the G-Code holster, I knew it was revolutionary. I wanted to be a part of the team that brought it to market.” They humbly credit the many Law Enforcement and Military personnel who have personally bought, used, inspired, and improved the products they offer.

Military Hardware specializes in marketing innovative small manufacturer’s products to the Department of Defense. They constantly collaborate with manufacturing partners and customers on product development. Retired Master Sergeant (USMC) Richard Cover, VP of Sales & Product Development for Military Hardware, is on a military base somewhere almost every day of the week and regularly brings ideas in from the field. Cover said, “We are all hands-on people. We work as a team and every person, from the factory floor to the front office, cares about what we do and who we do it for: the men and women of the U.S. Military.” It’s clearly this great dedication to the people wearing the gear that makes their products excel.

Mr. Harry also credits the North Carolina Military Business Center, a business development entity in the North Carolina Community College System. “I’ve worked with the NCMBC since it’s inception. Scott Dorney (Executive Director, NCMBC) has surrounded himself with knowledgeable people. Teresa Bouchonnet, in particular, has been indispensable to me.”

The IMTH can be purchased online at www.MilitaryHardware.US, by NSN through the Army’s procurement networks, and it will soon be available on GSAAdvantage.Gov. Contact Military Hardware for details.

G-Code’s Improved Modular Holster System Entry

Monday, October 7th, 2013


At Modern Day Marine we got an opportunity to check out G-Code’s entry for the US Army Improved Modular Holster System program courtesy of MilitaryHardware.com.

Their entry consists of the XST holster along with Duty Drop Leg, H-MAR adapter for vests and MOLLE belt mount. The Kydex XST features an two forms of retention; the Over the Top, Power Assisted, Retention Canopy as well as their Adjustable Pro-Safe Tensioning. It is also outfitted with G-Code’s RTI (Rapid Transition Interface) which allows the user to securely move their holster from mount to another.