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Bawidamann Blades All Lined Up

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Monkey Edge created this image to show you how the various Bawidamann Blades size up with one another.


For size comparisons, the Skraeling is 9-1/8″ long, with a 3-7/8″ blade.

Trident Concepts And Monkey Edge Team With Strider Knives To Produce The TRICON Model Fixed Blade Knife

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Today, Monkey Edge announced the availability of the Trident Concepts fixed blade knife, which is designed and manufactured by Strider Knives. The full release can be read below:


No nonsense, bulletproof, functional fixed blade that embodies the TRICON™ methodology

Mesa, AZ – November 21, 2014 – Monkey Edge announced the immediate availability of the Trident Concepts (TRICON) fixed blade knife designed and manufactured in the USA by Strider Knives. The TRICON model fixed blade was conceived with the goal of producing a simple and streamlined design to facilitate a wide variety of carry options. Whether mounted to a plate carrier, or concealed carried carry in plain clothes, the TRICON fixed blade provides the user with a simple, easy to deploy, defense option.


The genesis of the project:
“While attending a Trident Concepts course, Jeff Gonzales (TRICON founder) and I had a conversation about edged weapons and it turned out nothing out there completely met his needs. I figured I could leverage our excellent relationship with Strider Knives to produce a new model that fit the profile Jeff was looking for,” explained Monkey Edge principal Brady Miller. Eventually, those cocktail napkin sketches turned into prototypes that were then further refined based on Jeff’s feedback. “I was well aware of Strider’s ability to put out top shelf hard use gear so working with them on this project was a natural fit. I am thrilled at how it turned out. The Strider team did an amazing job,” said Jeff.


Why the TRICON is a fixed blade:
Jeff Gonzales explains the effectiveness of the fixed blade: “Folding knives are great and I carry one every day. However, when speed is critical and most times it is, you won’t beat a fixed blade for deployment and access to the vitals”. The concept of the TRICON was to produce a fixed blade that the user could carry literally everywhere. It can go from being mounted to your plate carrier or chest rig to plainclothes concealed carry.


Built in the USA for hard use:
Like all Strider knives, the TRICON fixed blade is made in the USA at Strider’s Escondido, CA facility and comes with Strider’s lifetime warranty. Crafted from premium Crucible CPM S30V stainless steel. The full tang grip is flanked with textured G10 scales that provide a sure grip and are virtually indestructible. The TRICON fixed blade is shipped with a kydex sheath and Bawidamann Blades PUP mounting system. The PUP mount ships with hardware that allows it to be adapted to PALS/MOLLE platforms or belt carry. Additional sheath and mounting options are in development and will be offered at a later date. The first run of the Strider Knives TRICON fixed blade is available now exclusively in several blade finishes at Monkey Edge (monkeyedge.com/TRICON) beginning today at the price of $250.00.

Monkey Edge – Monkey Muster II: Primate Empire

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Monkey Muster II

The Monkey Edge crew is sponsoring the upcoming ‘Monkey Muster II: Primate Empire’. The muster will feature exclusive Monkey Muster collaborations, top makers in the industry as guests, and a mega lottery to win a chance to purchase high-quality knives at table prices. The event will be taking place March 22, 2014 at the Monkey Edge HQ in Mesa, AZ.

For more information, and to RSVP, visit the Monkey Muster page, here.


Sons of Liberty – Boston Massacre Mens T-Shirt

Monday, September 10th, 2012

I’m a huge fan of the American Revolution and the Boston Massacre is one of the most pivotal of events that led to that conflict. Sons of Liberty commemorates that day with their Boston Massacre Men’s T-Shirt.

Available in Small – 3XLarge.


Pancake of Death

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012


The Pancake of Death from Monkey Edge is based on CSM Gear’s popular Circle. It allows you to sandwich your sheath knife, pistol or other item between the layers, and mount it to your equipment at any angle that suits you. 550 cord works as a backup to make sure everything stays together.


But, what they have done is taken that original Circle PALS Adapter to the next level by adding a removable outer section which attaches via hook and loop material. This section mounts into place and will hold a multitool, or medium folder and also has loops for a pen or chemlight. You can also attach morale patches or ID to the loop field.


It attaches to a platform via PALS and is Made in USA! Currently available in OD and Black.