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Arc’teryx Mossy Oak Bibs

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Mossy Oak Bibs

There are a lot of very well designed foul weather jackets on the market. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for trousers. They tend to be ill-fitting or the pockets aren’t well suited to the mission. Oftentimes, the wearer suffers from a sagging waist or blown out seams. But Arc’teryx has come to the rescue. They worked with a small user community to develop a purpose built pair of trousers for wet and cold environments. Arc’teryx designers incorporated features into the design normally found in combat clothing. The bib’s anatomical styling was chosen so that the garment moves with the wearer as well as protect the wearer’s lower back from exposure in extreme weather. The elastic shoulder straps keep the waist up where it belongs, even when the pockets are stuffed with equipment. The bibs also feature two roomy sets of pockets on the front of the thighs and shins.

Arc’teryx Mossy Oak Bib Thigh PocketArc’teryx Mossy Oak Bib Shin Pocket

Even more unique than the design is the material. It is a brushed face Gore-tex fabric that reduces both the noise and shine usually associated with commercial waterproof breathable clothing making it more suitable for military applications. The non-standard Mossy Oak camo blends in well with many environments and the design also features side-zips for rapid donning and doffing as well as reinforced cuffs to protect the bib’s legs from abrasion.

Arc’teryx Mossy Oak Bib Side Zip

Arc’teryx currently has some remaining inventory from this program and is available until supplies run out. Get them before they are gone forever.

Qualified personnel can purchase them here