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The 6-Color And Night Desert Uniform Trials

Monday, February 15th, 2016

This photo, from the ‘Desert Lab’ article in the May 1976 issue of ‘SOLDIERS’ magazine depicts Mr William Wright wearing the 6-Color Desert Camouflage uniform.  He was the head of the Clothing Equipment and Materials Engineering Laboratory at Natick and can be seen talking to a member of the 3rd ACR at Fort Bliss, Texas during the camouflage evaluation.  The Soldier is wearing the Parka in the Night Desert Pattern which was optimized to confuse night vision systems.  It was paired with an over trouser.  The idea was that the items could be worn when the temperatures dropped during the night.  

The 6-Color Pattern was optimized for use in the American Southwest and was replaced during Operation Desert Storm by the 3-Color Desert Pattern.  During the test, members of the ‘Brave Rifles’ also tried out prototype Meals, Ready-to-Eat.