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Blade Show – RMJ Tactical

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Each large show, RMJ Tactical takes a hand forged Kestrel 37 and raffles it for a charitable cause. At Blade Show, it’s this model. Always, they use the funds to purchase gas forges, anvils, grinders and other items that are used as occupational therapy for those who are learning the knife making trade as a means to heal.


The proceeds from this Kestrel will be used to purchase knife making tools for a wounded warrior to help him in his rehabilitation. To enter visit booth 127. $20 gets a buy in. They are using a deck of cards for entry. You choose a card and when the deck is gone they will hold the raffle.



RMJ Tactical Launches New Website

Friday, January 4th, 2013


There’s an interesting story behind RMJ Tactical’s new website and it reflects how that company is run. They are people oriented and it shows when you meet them. Now, they’ve shown me a bit more of that in the development of tis website.

Alan Campbell is building the website for them. Apparently, he started working on it a little over a year ago, but before he was halfway complete, he was diagnosed with a tough strain of cancer. I’m happy to report that after months of radiation and chemotherapy he’s back at it and getting better every day. Although, he says its going to take him a little while longer to get the site exactly the way they want it. The point is, RMJ stuck by Alan in this. They could have gone a different direction and no one would have batted an eye, but they worked with the man to see it through.

The new site does the RMJ Tactical line of full tang tomahawks justice. It looks better, is easy to navigate, and gives you some cool insight into the brand. Check it out.


Tools For The End Of The World

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012


The 2012 RMJ Tactical challenge coin.


RMJ Tactical Berserker

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

RMJ Tactical is working on another limited run of Berserkers. According to RMJ Tactical this new batch will have the Lord’s Prayer in Viking runes just like the original eight.


RMJ Tactical Is Now on Facebook

Monday, June 18th, 2012

RMJ Tactical is now on Facebook. They manufacture a variety of tomahawks like the 37 Kestrel seen above. ‘Like’ them at www.facebook.com/pages/RMJ-Tactical-LLC.

SOFEX – RMJ Tactical

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

RMJ Tactical keeps striving to increase cutting power while minimizing weight and overall size. It’s a fine line to balance these requirements and these two new tomahawks are their latest models.


The Jenny Wren is a traditional name for the Wrens you see all over the South and it’s namesake is a no-nonsense tomahawk. Developed at the request of Recon Marines looking for a tomahawk with the same weight of a fixed blade knife. You can see its straight forward design and the intent here was to harken back to a simpler, more straight forward time (think WW II).

On the other hand, the Crow is a more aggressive design with an angled handle to force the brunt of blows to make contact at the top of the blade rather than the more traditional chopping style seen on many axes.


RMJ Tactical

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

It’s simple. RMJ Tactical does one thing and they do it very well. They make tactical tomahawks for the modern warfighter. They are so good at it that their customer list looks like a veritable who’s who of putting foot to terrorist ass. They are being carried by Special Forces, Naval Special Warfare, Rangers, Marines, Army troops, SWAT, Air Rescue all over the world, wherever the fight takes them.

RMJ Tactical

RMJ Tactical tomahawks are designed to be multi-functional with full tang construction so there is never any head-handle separation. They can be employed as a close quarter combat weapon, or as al breaching and extrication tool. They offer three tomahawks, the Shrike – 15 1/2″ & 13” – 23ox; the Kestrel – 13″ – 24 oz., and the Eagle Talon – 18″ – 28oz. The tomahawks come with a lightweight scabbard offering multiple carry options that is also MOLLE compatible.

RMJ Tactical has also just released the RUMP (Rigid Universal MOLLE Platform) which is a new MOLLE adapter for the equipment you absolutely have to keep secure. It is low profile, multiple redundancy MOLLE adapter that secures your equipment. It is field repairable and virtually indestructible.

The RMJ Tactical Shrike Tomahawk was recently featured in the Army Times Gear Scout.

RMJ Tactical will be in booth #202 at this week’s Soldier Equipment and Technology Expo and Conference or you can see their wares on the web at www.RMJtactical.com.