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Sand Storm Lightfighter Chukka

Sunday, August 12th, 2012


Military Morons passed me this image of a concept boot he mocked up of a short version of the Lightfighter from the recently launched footwear brand Sand Storm. There aren’t many chukka styles on the market so this would be a welcome addition.

What do you think?


Introducing Sand Storm

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Sand Storm Boots is the brainchild of Dan Ellis and Military Product Solutions (MPS). You may not know Dan, but you probably know his boots.

Known to many as “boot maker to the good guys” Dan is responsible for a wide variety of the very boots many of us have in our closets. After a stint as a Product Engineer at Adidas and the Director of Product Development at Reebok, Dan put together a line of specialty boots for an Army SOF unit with the Italian mountaineering boot company Aku (pronounced ah-koo). Soon after, BlackHawk came out with their first line of boots, all designed and engineered by Dan and his team. I was one of the original testers of the BlackHawk boots back in my USAF days.

Most of you are familiar with the OTB boot brand, founded by Dan Ellis. The brand came about from a suite of water specific boots developed for the Navy SEALs.

The Sand Storm brand was put together with the premise of making a high quality yet good value product. As you know, most Military and Law Enforcement folks don’t have a ton of cash to spend on boots. And that’s what inspired San Storm, to develop a line of products that are both high in quality and price competitive.

Sand Storm has partnered with US Cavalry for its initial launch where you can find competitive prices on the Sand Storm boot range.

3 boots make up the launch, the Light Fighter – an extreme lightweight yet durable boot, The HooDoo – a great all around military boot with phenomenal breathability, and the Stinger Composite Toe, a lighter than expected ASTM certified composite safety toe boot.

All of the boots in the Sand Storm line are fast rope ready, including the Light Fighter.

Additionally, all sole units are double cemented as well as stitched to the upper meaning your soles will not delaminate even in the warmest and harshest environments.

Check them out. sandstormtac.com