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NRA Life of Duty – Patriot Profiles – The Spooner Brothers

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

This is a preview of NRA Life of Duty Patriot Profiles – Broken & Undone: “To be an American.” It features the story of Tom and Scot Spooner, Army Special Operations Veterans and founders of Invictus Alliance Group.

It’s pretty damn amazing to be an American.”
-Scot Spooner

Scot and Tom, the more I know you, the more I like you. Scot’s opening comments in this video about being an American very much parallel my own feelings over the past few years as I came to grips with being a civilian. It was great to hear something similar from him. Thank you. Thank you both.

I’ve watched most if not all of the Patriot Profile series but at least from this trailer, this one touches me the most. The full feature will deal with PTSD and that’s one thing I don’t deal with but many of my friends do. It’s important that we all begin to learn about it.


Boardroom to Battlefield

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Right before SHOT Show we told you about the Scot and Tom Spooner‘s other gig, Labyrinth Guides Consulting and this great executive training program called Boardroom to Battlefield. Now, they’ve produced a great video that gives you an idea of what goes on during the program.


‘Your Life’ – A New Book By Army SOF Vet Scot Spooner

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

By his own admission, Army Special Operations Veteran Scot Spooner has faced challenges in his life. The difference for him is that he didn’t let them beat him. In his new book, “Your Life” he offers simple solutions to life’s common difficulties. These days, Scot Spooner works with his brother Tom to run Labyrinth Guides Consulting and Invictus Alliance Group.

Your Life

Visit www.authorhouse.com to get your copy.

Scot Spooner at Work

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Here is a typical day at work for Scot Spooner, one of the owners of Labyrinth Guides Consulting and Invictus Alliance Group.