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Sneak Peek – Invictus Alliance Group Combat Uniform in Kryptek

Friday, January 23rd, 2015


This is a first look at the Invictus combat uniform in Kryptek Highlander.

Invictus Alliance Group

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

TacticalMilSim produced this video covering the theory and philosophy of Invictus Alliance Group. Invictus was founded by the Spooner brothers, former Delta Force operators with over 20 years experience with high risk operations.

Meet “The Colonel”

Friday, November 15th, 2013

“The Colonel” is the result of a collaborative effort between Mr. Nico Salvitti and Invictus Alliance Group.


According to IAG, the Colonel is designed for efficiency; efficiency of design, efficiency of motion, and efficiency of training. They say that The Colonel’s unique design enables its user to quickly and decisively draw the blade, perform a series of fast, powerful, and lethal thrusts on an enemy target. It features a full tang and utilizes a saber grind to ensure a strong cutting edge and point. Both sides of this blade are sharpened and the handle is made of black canvas Micarta to ensure a reliable grip.


To learn more visit

TYR Tactical Unveils “Invictus” PICO-DA in Kryptek Highlander

Saturday, March 9th, 2013


The “Invictus” PICO-DA in Kryptek Highlander will be on the TYR Tactical site in the near future and available through Invictus Alliance Group along with a series of products in the Krytek Highlander pattern.

Joining Of Forces: Invictus Alliance Group, LLC and Northern Red Inc

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Invictus Alliance Group, LLC and Northern Red Inc have announced a “Joining of Forces” but have not disclosed what this actually means. My take is that there is no formal business arrangement such as a joint venture or merger, but rather that the two companies tend to complement one another so they will share clients based on the task at hand. Both are great companies and I’d say, based on the current environment, they’d be in a better position working together, rather than competing.

Raleigh, NC – January 1, 2013 – The elite combat-proven training, high-risk security and intelligence capabilities of two leading companies have been brought together to deliver critical services to the private and government industries.

Invictus Alliance Group Founders and former 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force) members Tom and Scot Spooner started the company in 2010 and have since successfully delivered tactical training and experiential leadership courses to elite organizations making Invictus a sought-after brand and delivery partner.

“Our integrity as a company is our most valuable asset, it’s something we are unwilling to throw away for short-term monetary gains. We are only interested in attracting the right members to our team and in turn, attracting the right kind of customers for our services. We’re not a transactional service provider, we’re focused on the mutual benefit of long-term relationships with our customers. We are their trusted advisors,” said Scot Spooner.

In early 2012 Invictus Alliance Group began a collaborative relationship with Northern Red Inc., a specialized training and high-risk security company based in Philadelphia, PA, co-founded by former Special Forces Green Beret J.D. Potynsky, CEO, and business consultant, Heath Durrans.

The two companies soon realized their shared vision, values and incessant strive for quality that has resulted in this formal “joining of forces” that will increase delivery capability and subject matter expertise in the following areas:

– Government Support Services
– Special Operations Training
– Crisis Management
– High-Risk Security
– Intelligence Operations

Tom Spooner observed, “The industry is full of very talented one-man shows who are all making a good living and providing a great product, but no single person posses the influential power to affect the necessary change and training standardization in the industry. However, by integrating Northern Red’s Special Operations experience together with Invictus’s, I strongly believe we have the ability to make significant positive change in the way Military and Law Enforcement units and private clients perform their training.”

J.D.. Potynsky points out, “Invictus is in the business of challenging the training status quo, asking the hard questions, doing what they say can’t be done, and establishing updated and relevant standards in every aspect of the industries we operate in. I’m excited to be part of this success story and to take on the responsibility to drive the strategic vision of making Invictus a world-class training services leader and innovator.”

Invictus Alliance Group, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business based in Raleigh, NC, and provides Special Operations Training and Critical Infrastructure Consulting Services to private and government sector clients.

Northern Red Inc., is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business based in Philadelphia, PA, and provides tactical training, high-risk security and intelligence operations to private and government sector clients.

NRA Life of Duty – Patriot Profiles – The Spooner Brothers

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

This is a preview of NRA Life of Duty Patriot Profiles – Broken & Undone: “To be an American.” It features the story of Tom and Scot Spooner, Army Special Operations Veterans and founders of Invictus Alliance Group.

It’s pretty damn amazing to be an American.”
-Scot Spooner

Scot and Tom, the more I know you, the more I like you. Scot’s opening comments in this video about being an American very much parallel my own feelings over the past few years as I came to grips with being a civilian. It was great to hear something similar from him. Thank you. Thank you both.

I’ve watched most if not all of the Patriot Profile series but at least from this trailer, this one touches me the most. The full feature will deal with PTSD and that’s one thing I don’t deal with but many of my friends do. It’s important that we all begin to learn about it.

Invictus Alliance Group in Kryptek

Saturday, September 29th, 2012


A member of Invictus Alliance Group wears a pair of pants in Kryptek Highlander. What do you think?

Looks Like Invictus Has Been Running TYR Tactical Kit

Monday, July 16th, 2012


Checking out the Invictus blog this weekend, we noticed that their latest entry is a photo essay on the TYR Tactical products they have been using.