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Security Devices International – Free Impact Munitions Instructor School

Thursday, October 27th, 2016


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Security Devices International is offering a free Impact Munitions Instructor School, on November 16th at the Paladin Center in Carmel, New York. For further details and to register, email rbotha@securitydii.com or mlee@securitydii.com.


Security Devices International – BIP 40mm Round Ballistics Video

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

At the recent U.S. Tactical Supply Oregon Department of Corrections Less Than Lethal Demo, WD Forensics shot a live video of Security Devices International’s 40mm BIP round being shot into ballistic gelatin. Although not a measured test, the video does show how effective the BIP round can be on a target.

Additionally, SDI’s full range of 40mm munitions are now available through their GSA contract, # GS-07F-0259N.

For more information, visit securitydii.com

Security Devices International To Attend The 75th National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference And Exhibition

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Security Devices International (SDI) will be present at the 75th National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Baltimore, MD. They will be at Booth 1049 displaying their line of 40mm less-lethal munitions technologies including the Blunt Impact Projectile (BIP), which has an effective operational range of 2 to 80 yards; the cushioning gel-head mechanism built into the BIP allows it to be used in close range situations, and its aerodynamic characteristics allow it to be used with improved accuracy over longer distances.

SDI Vice-President Allen Ezer will be in attendance, along with SDI’s 40mm Specialists Ross Botha and Gunner Couce. If you’re attending the show, stop by their booth to learn more about SDI’s product line.

This year’s NSA exhibition is taking place in Baltimore, Maryland. (Monday, June 29th 9:00 am – 3:00 pm and on Tuesday, June 30th 9:00 am – 3:00 pm)



Security Devices International Is A Platinum Sponsor Of Mock Prison Riot

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Security Devices International (SDI) is a proud PLATINUM Sponsor of Mock Prison Riot, May 3rd-6th, 2015, Moundsville WV

SDI is a defense technology company specializing in the development, manufacturing & sale of innovative, next generation less-lethal ammunition. SDI’s competitive advantage of the BIP over other 40mm less-lethal weapon technology is that it can be used over both short as well as long distances with a greater level of safety, accuracy, and reliability than competing products.

Please stop by their booth, look over and try SDI’s 40mm munitions for yourself. 40mm Specialists, Ross Botha and Gunner Couce, will be in attendance. They and SDI VP, Allen Ezer, will be available to guide you through the SDI product line-up and assist with your less-lethal requirement, selection and acquisition.


SDI Provides Corporate Update

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Florida, Tampa – (TSX-V: SDZ) (OTCBB: SDEV)

Keith Morrison, Chairman of the Board comments: “Security Devices provides global corrections, military and law enforcement markets with advanced less-lethal munitions that combine leading ballistic and safety performance over an increased range of engagement. We believe that when properly deployed our technology provides a significant alternative and benefit compared to the use of lethal force in many stand-off situations. SDI enters 2015 having successfully competed the highest levels of independent performance valuation of our products. This, combined with several strategic opportunities to expand both our distribution channels and our product lines, should make 2015 a significant year for our stakeholders”.

Sales Growth & Product Acceptance:

SDI’s full product line continues to gain acceptance and sales growth both domestically and internationally. The family of 40mm less-lethal ammunition, including BIP payload rounds, is becoming regarded as the “safety standard” within the industry, seeing that these rounds were designed for the highest operational effectiveness at distances of up to 260 feet (80m), while still enhancing target safety if engaged from a close range of 6.5 feet (2m).

In December 2014, SDI underwent the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) stringent “Member Tested & Recommended Program”. This approval process is designed to assist the association’s membership in selecting the best products available to the tactical community. The Company’s submission for testing allowed the BIP to be placed into the field for law enforcement community acceptance and has been added to the recommended product list. There is a direct correlation between SDI’s NTOA approval and increased sales.

SDI is also pleased to announce sales in over a dozen new Federal, State and Provincial agencies over the last several quarters including Sheriff Departments, Correctional Services, and SWAT teams in; Los Angeles, CA, Sacramento, CA, Kings County, CA, Montreal, QC, Ottawa, ON, Orlando, FL, Naples, FL, Rapid City, SD, Saskatoon, SK, Watertown, SD, Abbotsford, BC, Kingston, ON, Rustburg, VA, Perry, FL, Brookings, SD, Bedford, VA along with Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. These agencies are additions to SDI’s customer base that have adopted its best of breed 40mm less-lethal rounds on the market, today. Several re-orders from previously purchasing agencies have also occurred.

Revenues from the Company’s first fiscal quarter (2015) have exceeded the entire 2014-reported revenue base.

Scientific Validation:

According to several independent safety studies that the company has outsourced, SDI has received industry disruptive competitive analysis, displaying safety testing protocols, which have the Company to be among the safest, most effective and reliable crowd control / SWAT option on the market.

Additionally, in Q3 2014 the Company was granted the opportunity to submit its product to a blunt trauma risk assessment, conducted by L-3 Applied Technologies in association with the Human Effects Center of Excellence (HECOE). The U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program (JNLWP) established this benchmark in 2001, to coordinate non-lethal weapons requirements of the U.S. Armed Services. Under the oversight and coordination of the HECOE program, non-lethal human effects research is conducted to identify the risk and effectiveness of munitions such as SDI’s. It then shares this information among human effects researchers, and most importantly non-lethal weapons operators for acceptance.

SDI’s 40mm less-lethal rounds are now available for purchase by branches of the United States Department of Defense and Federal Law Enforcement agencies as a result of this testing protocol.


SDI has partnered with US Tactical Supply as their primary “source of supply” vehicle, under GSA Contract “GS-07F-0259N”. The purpose of this strategic partnership is to provide SDI’s products to a broader range of clientele ranging from the U.S. Department of Defense, State Law Enforcement agencies, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, U.S Dept. of Justice: FBI / Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms and the U.S. Secret Service.

The U.S. General Service Administration (GSA) is an independent branch of the US Federal Government, which helps in managing and supporting the basic functioning of federal agencies. The GSA Schedules program is the premier acquisition vehicle within the government, with approximately $50 billion a year in spending or 10 percent of overall federal procurement budget.  In order to get quality products and services at a reasonable rate, commercial vendors approach the federal government to avail their contracts and increase their user base.


As a commitment to building shareholder value, SDI has taken internal measures to reduce expenditures, manufacturing costs, minimized contractual obligations and from a management position has reduced resource costs.


Security Devices International – NTOA Members Show Approval Of SDI’s Blunt Impact Projectiles

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015


Security Devices International (SDI), a defense technology company specializing in the development of innovative next generation, non-lethal 40-mm ammunition, today announced that the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) members assigned above average ratings and reviews to several of SDI’s Blunt Impact Projectiles (BIP).

The NTOA members tested and approved four of SDI’s BIPs, all of which received over a 4.0 overall rating. A rating over 4.0 means that the product exceeds advertised specifications on a regular basis and outperforms others in usefulness and quality of workmanship.

The SDI munitions that the NTOA members tested included:

• BIP MO Malodorant Payload
• BIP ML Marking Liquid Payload
• BIP TR Training Round
• Standard BIP

NTOA’s Member Tested and Recommended program allows manufactures to have their products tested in the field by the law enforcement community. Products are tested and scored in 13 possible categories on a scale of 0-5 that include: Design, performance, ease of use, size, quality, durability, storage, versatility, convenience, application for law enforcement, comfort, cleaning/ maintenance, and accuracy. Products receiving a rating of 3.0 or higher will receive NTOA Field Tester Recommended Status.

“Our top priority is to provide the law enforcement community with options in situations that do not warrant the use of lethal force. With police officers and other law enforcement professionals being heavily scrutinized after recent controversial events, we want to equip them with a truly less-lethal option. We are thrilled that an organization as prestigious as the NTOA recognized the quality of our products,” said Gregory Sullivan, CEO of SDI.

SDI’s BIP ammunition has been designed to supersede previous blunt impact solutions such as foam, sponge, and rubber bullets while maintaining in-flight stability throughout an almost flat trajectory. SDI’s family of BIPs are designed for military, peacekeeping, homeland security, law enforcement, correctional services and private sector security, and are ideal for crowd control scenarios and can adapt to any 40mm standard issue launcher.


Security Devices International Appoints Ross Botha As 40mm Specialist, Training & Development For SDI

Monday, August 11th, 2014


August 8, 2014 – Happy Thimble Consulting, LLC (HTC) announced this week that Security Devices International, Inc. (SDI) has appointed HTC’s Ross Botha as 40mm Specialist, Training & Development for SDI.

SDI is well known for their range of high-tech 40mm less-lethal munitions. SDI manufactures an impressive range of 40mm less-lethal munitions. The excellent SDI expanding, gel tipped, Blunt Impact Projectile (BIP) is used by several agencies throughout the world that demand cutting edge technology, effectiveness and safety. In addition to their impact munitions, SDI is also the only manufacturer in the world that currently manufactures a malodorant payload round that contains a highly noxious medium that delivers a terrible odor to enhance suspect compliance.

HTC’s Ross Botha has been involved in the defense industry for well over 20 years with much of this time as Director of Training for a large defense related training provider in Southern Africa. After relocating to the United States, Ross continued to consult and served as law enforcement/military sales associate for a well-known U.S. ammunition manufacturer. Recently, Ross acted as Director of Training and National Sales Manager for a less-lethal munitions company before being appointed by Security Devices International, Inc.

“My goal is to continue building SDI’s reputation as cutting-edge manufacturer, reliable top-tier supplier and innovator of products that keep Americans and our friends globally safe in a progressively hostile world,” says Ross.

“SDI delivers where safety, innovation and technology are in demand by customers that require specialized designs. They have a highly capable and experienced team in place. All ready to serve. HTC is proud to be part of it.”