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SOARescue Launches the Pillbox: A Simple Fix for a Multitude of Medical Problems

Friday, November 24th, 2017

The SOARescue Pillbox, born out of necessity and lessons learned. Remember that one time at band camp when your teammate had a headache, stuffy nose, or… ate something bad? If you’ve ever had this teammate, or you have been the one, you needed a simple quick fix to stay operational. As the “doc” we’ve been expected to have that fix, but every once and a while, we don’t. We created this kit to make sure you always have a simple fix close by. No this kit will not cure cancer or perform neurosurgery, but it will save your butt more times than not.

No matter your mission, the SOARescue Pillbox has you covered.

Designed to treat minor pain, injuries, and illnesses. Each box is stocked out with the most commonly needed over-the-counter medications. Each medication is individually packaged, and organized to provide you with quick access to only the items you need, while keeping the others protected. In case you forget, the label on the back even provides standard uses for each medication. While this box was initially developed for tactical medical providers, with input from Special Operations Medics, it is perfect for the outdoor adventurer alike. Whether you are a weekend traveler, team medic, public safety provider, SOF professional, this kit will always have you covered. We’ve all been there when we wish we had that one extra item. Now you can. Packed in a rugged, waterproof, and dustproof hard case. The SOARescue Pillbox comes stocked out, but you can add as you need, for yourself, team or family. It will launch and be available on Black Friday for $45.00!!!

“The Pillbox fills a massive need within our team, this kit offers an easy fix for so many simple issues that could otherwise be force limiting. We are excited to place one in each of our cars and armored vehicles.”
–John S., Major Metropolitan SRT Team Leader

SOARescue Pillbox Contents:

  • Acetaminophen – x5 – 2 tablet packs (325mg)
  • Ibuprofen – x6 – 2 tablet packs (200mg)
  • Diphenhydramine – x6 – 1 tablet packs (25mg)
  • Bismuth Subsalicylate – x3 – 2 tablet packs (262mg)
  • Loperamide – x4 – 1 tablet packs (2mg)
  • Meclizine – x5 – 2 tablet packs (25mg)
  • Multi-System Cold – x5 – 2 tablet packs
  • Burn Cream – x2 – 32 oz. packages 
  • Hydrocortisone – x4 – 32 oz. packages
  • Antibiotic Ointment – x4 – 57 oz. packages
  • Moleskin – 1 strip (3″ x 2″)
  • Bandaids – x4 
  • Cough Drops – x4
  • Electrolyte Drink Mix – x2
  • Eye Drops – x2


    For all lines of work Military, Public Safety, Industrial and many more.


    Perfect for a patrol bag or a range bag.


    Available in a clear or black lid. The choice is yours.

  • Qore Performance Announces Enhanced Dealer Program With Launch Partner SOARescue

    Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

    Qore Performance, inventors of the IcePlate hard cell cooling and hydration solution, is proud to announce the release of the Enhanced Dealer Program in partnership with SOARescue who is now the Subject Matter Expert for all Fire/Rescue, EMS and Tactical EMS applications for the IcePlate. In this role, SOARescue will be spearheading the already rapid growth of IcePlate into Fire/Rescue, EMS and Tactical EMS applications where end users are in need of a powerful, portable rehab solution.


    The expansion of IcePlate applications beyond military and law enforcement has been a vision of SOARescue for some time. “Environmental injury prevention and mitigation is often overlooked in our community. This has partially been due to inadequate equipment and education on the subject. We are incredibly excited about this partnership with Qore Performance, and the opportunity to close a capability gap” says Andrew Rowley, CEO of SOARescue.


    The IcePlate will be able to be utilized in many facets of Fire/Rescue and Tactical EMS operations. “We foresee this being an incredible tool in firefighter rehabilitation after a working fire or prolonged extrication. This tool will be utilized under technical rescue gear keeping rescuers cool or warm regardless of the environmental condition(s). The multifunctional design of this amazing device will also allow for tactical medics and operators alike to remain cool and hydrated on extended operations, enhancing their own safety and performance in the process, without expanding the footprint of their kit,” concluded Rowley.

    The key to packing all of this capability into small, deployable spaces is the combination of IcePlates and Pelican Coolers. The IcePlate is geometrically optimized for Pelican Coolers and delivers 30% greater storage density over bottled water. SOARescue will use this unique and groundbreaking IcePlate capability to help Fire Rescue EMS personnel bring more relief in less space – an efficiency that will make a difference on rigs already loaded with kit.


    Additionally, SOARescue is the first Authorized Service Center for IcePlate. As an IcePlate ASC, SOARescue will be able to offer current IcePlate customers the ability to retrofit their existing IcePlates with Qore Performance’s cross-compatible Quick Disconnect, which allows users to connect their existing Source Hydration hoses and some CamelBak hoses to their IcePlate.

    “We are excited about our partnership with SOARescue. They are the type of visionary, high-quality, high character subject matter experts with whom we love to partner,” says Justin Li, Inventor & Owner of Qore Performance, “we couldn’t ask for a better launch partner for our Enhanced Dealer Program.”

    The Enhanced Dealer Program capabilities are available from SOARescue immediately. SOARescue stocks IcePlate in all colors and combinations (White/Clear, Desert Tan and Wolf Grey, with or without the cross-compatible Quick Disconnect). If you are in the Fire Rescue EMS space and are interested in finding out how SOARescue can build an IcePlate program for your department, contact: [email protected], visit , or call 1-855-4-SOARESQ and use option 2.