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Wolfpack Gear Forum Launches Next Week

Friday, November 11th, 2016

Many readers of SSD know, or know of, my old friend Mel Terkla. He now works for SSD sponsor Wolfpack Gear and they are launching a forum next week. Get registered and join the conversation with Mel.

Mel Terkla Joins Wolfpack Gear

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

This is fantastic news for an old friend of mine!

Mel Terkla has signed on with Wolfpack Gear in San Luis Obispo, CA to help design a new line of Tactical and Adventure backpacks. is one of the leading manufacturers of wildland firefighting gear in the country. Mel had been in semi retirement for the last year and a half after being let go from Kifaru, but decided he wasn’t done designing backpacks, and after much research, reached out to Mike Oberndorfer the owner of Wolfpack Gear. It just so happened that Mike wanted to start a new line of backpacks and was looking for a designer, and after meeting up, there was a mutual agreement that fate seemed to bring them together to make it happen.

Mel Terkla was the one that helped start the Tactical division at Kifaru back in 2002 and headed up design and sales for over 12 years. He is accredited with getting the Kifaru brand known and respected in the industry and will be bringing those credentials to Wolfpack Gear. Look for a mid summer launch of the new line that will be announced on the Wolfpack Gear website and Facebook page. There will also be a forum in the future on the website for questions and answers, updates, photos, and feedback. To those that know Mel personally, you know customer service will be second to none and he can be reached now for any questions or discussion about the new gear at [email protected] .