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SHOT Show – Kryptek Releases New Hunting and Fishing Patterns

Kryptek has introduced five new patterns for hunting and fishing.


Of the five patterns, fishing patterns the lighter Pontus and deep water Neptune as well as Altitude, the high altitude, above the tree line hunting were on display.








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30 Responses to “SHOT Show – Kryptek Releases New Hunting and Fishing Patterns”

  1. Terry says:

    I am not sure I get it… we need fishing patterns now? If I fish can see us, isnt he most likely already on the hook? At which point, does it really matter what we are wearing?
    Im all for different patterns, but this seems awfully “fishy”…

    • Doc Chill says:

      To answer everyone’s question: When spear fishing you actually stalk fish like you would a creature on land. Yes camouflage does help, along with noise discipline. I’m sure google will help you out if you want more info.

      • Snake says:

        That is absolutely ridiculous.

        • You says:

          “I don’t spear fish so these new camo patterns upset me! wah wahhh!”

          • Snake says:

            That’s not it at all. I mean I’m not a Kryptek fan anyway, if you wanna be an offended fanboy then by all means go ahead, but the idea that a head to toe/shirt and pants visual factor is gonna help you sneak up on a fish is retarded.

      • lamp says:

        ITT: People who don’t spear fish are bothered by camo patterns that in no way affect them. If you have no use for something, then why even bother commenting?

        • SSD says:

          Because it’s the internet and everyone is an expert.

          Commercial camouflage patterns for hunting and yes, fishing, are a Billion dollar (plus) a year industry. This is America. We are Capitalists. We create businesses that make money. It’s what we do. If my history serves me correctly, people who complain about other people creating businesses, making money and employing people are called socialists or communists.

          Not saying every product produced is a golden nugget or that these internet experts who complain about every product they see are right or wrong, or socialists for that meter, but it’s good once in awhile to remind folks what America is all about.

    • Stan says:


      For the same reason hunters in states that require blaze orange vest and hats need the newest gucci camo clothes…

      For the same reason higher HQ/rear area soldiers, Marines, sailors and airman need the newest super effective gucci camo pattern…

      It’s oh so important to look HIP and COOL!

      • Marcus says:

        Hunters have different camo patterns and orange because they hunt in different areas and hunt different game. Example: Turkey hunting where orange isn’t required by law is a heck of a lot different than hunting rabbit in an area where orange isn’t required.
        Having different setups for different days isn’t a bad thing, it’s normal. And upgrading a setup by purchasing camo that you feel might be more effective is just being a consumer. Kind of standard really. There’s no need to tussle your jimmies over this.

  2. Snake says:

    Why the hell would you need fishing camo o_O

    • Doc Chill says:

      Spear fishing

      • Stan says:

        So water type is the same everywhere in the world? Or would it be safe to say a spearfisherman in a midewest US fresh water lake might need a different pattern camo pattern than a fisherman in the waters off of the French coast or one off the US Pacific coast? Hell what about water temperature? I’ve seen spearfisherman in shorts, a mask, and fins off the Floridia Keys, should they be in full camo wetsuits? I don’t fully buy your assertion this is just for spearfishing. While I’d bet that might be the company’s “official” reasoning, I’d also bet that maximizing their potential profits by producing clothing that looks cool to every segment of the US sporting community is the main reason.

        • Marcus says:

          Looks to me like there’s two different patterns here dude. Pontus and Neptune that seem to be water affiliated. Spear fishing is one possible use, another would be Navy Divers or some special operations forces that associated themselves with water. We all know the Navy uniform is a blue digital. Coming out with a new pattern never hurts, and the pattern can be applied to any sort of material. Wetsuit, tactical, ripstop, etc. Pontus to me seems like a good choice for a team in a swampy area and inserting by river/coast.
          But I’m guessing no matter what I say won’t effect your opinion at all, you seem pretty close-minded as is. But, if you reply with a level of maturity, I’ll be mistaken.
          And hey, if people want to buy it for the looks, don’t hate on them. Free enterprise, America. Doesn’t concern you at all, whatsoever.

    • RockStarArtist says:

      lmao Snake… I was about to ask the same thing!

  3. ShakesHead says:

    Maybe if I were a mer-man and needed to hide to avoid being eaten by a shark…

  4. Seifer says:

    Pontus – perfect for Rave Party in 1997 )))

  5. jimmy durble says:

    I love all of them even if pontus is kind of weird

  6. jjj0309 says:

    Altitude and Banshee seems too similar with current existing Highlander and Mandrake. I think these are overkill, to me. Fishing camo looks cool tho.

    • Marcus says:

      Maybe it is. But altitude seems to be for colder, higher altitude environments while highlander seems to be their multicam competitor. They’ve stated before that Highlander is supposed to cover 70% of the environments while everything else is specialized.
      And I think you’re confusing Mandrake for Nomad. Can’t blame you. Banshee is an arid camo like Nomad while Mandrake is a woodland.

  7. Terry says:

    Maybe the fishing patterns make sense, but I have been spear fishing (successfully) several times in Florida, Mexico, Hawaii and off Catalina Island and never worn camouflage… maybe I would have been more successful with it???

  8. Alan says:

    Personally, I think Kryptek and “designer camo” has gotten way out of hand.

    However, someone will buy it. It is a American-Made product. Who am I to judge,really.

    I have never been a fan of Krytek, but others love it. To each his own I guess.

  9. Riceball says:

    I wonder if these fishing patterns would work at all as a shark deterrent helping a surfer/diver look less like a seal or anything else that a shark might eat? I know that it probably sounds silly but I’m serious because I’ve seen a documentary showing how a great white would go after a seal shaped target but completely ignored a square in the water. Of course the only problem with my idea of using camo to confuse a shark, esp. a great white, is that they generally attack from below where you’d be silhouetted and any camo pattern you may have on your wetsuit wouldn’t be seen.

  10. Sharknado says:

    I wonder if Samuel L. Jackson would have not been eaten by that shark if he’d been wearing Pontus.

  11. Kory S says:

    I have nothing against kryptek but it seems like they are grasping at straws. Thespear fishing argument makes no sense people have been relying on spear fishing for centuries to survive and not used camouflage. But i will say that if I had to pick a camouflage for the waterkryptek is the way i would go thescales look like su light going through waves and ithas a good water like flow and the blurs behind it are also very waterlike.

    • SSD says:

      I take it you don’t have much exposure to the hunting camo side of things. They aren’t grasping at anything. In fact, they’re playing catch up with their competitors.

      • Kory S says:

        Your right I haven’t the most I know about is mossyoak and realtree really for hunting because that what people wear around me. But this is the first time I have heard of fishing camouflage. I get that this will be helpful to some people. But I think they are really just turning out alot of patterns to see what sticks.

        • Marcus says:

          And what’s wrong with that? Free enterprise will do its thing while kryptek benefits. If something seems popular, they’ll keep it. And if not, they might keep a storage just in case some SF guys wanna try it out. It’s teasing the market to see if anything is there. I don’t see a problem with it(nat saying that you do, just saying).

  12. cueball95 says:

    I have no idea where I would wear them, but if I could snag a shirt with Pontus, id be pumped. ITS JUST SO TRIPPY!!!

  13. Chris385 says:

    Pelagic gear has been doing Camo patterns on fishing shirts and making a killing…. Maybe if the folks bitching about it knew anything about fishing they would get it. Ill get this pattern to wear when fly fishing in the flats to break up my outline and not stick out like soar thumb