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Ask SSD “What’s The Latest For USN FR Clothing For Shipboard Wear?”

While development and fielding of an FR Coverall (Improved Flame Resistant Variant) to replace the Blue Coverall has been ongoing for several years, the Navy has been working more recently on a two-piece design. Undergoing trials have been Heritage and Modern variants.

The Heritage variants replicate traditional sea service uniforms, with a Khaki shirt and pant for Officers and Chiefs and a Blue version for lower enlisted and noncommissioned Sailors. Interestingly, the Blue version is similar in appearance to the old Dungarees, but one style harkens all the way back to the Dark Blue on Dark Blue of enlisted deck wear, worn up until WWII. Another option, replaces the Dark Blue shirt with a Light Blue, similar to the Chambray shirts worn until the advent of the current Navy Working Uniform.

On the other hand, there is a Modern variant utilizing the cut of the NWU Type III, which was recently adopted for wear as the service’s utility uniform while ashore, and replaces the AOR 2 pattern with Khaki for officers and Chiefs and Dark Blue for lower enlisted and NCOs.

Additionally, NAVAIR continues to approve FR materials for Deck Jerseys and the service is working on FR base and insulation layers as well as hardshell garments for inclement weather.

10 Responses to “Ask SSD “What’s The Latest For USN FR Clothing For Shipboard Wear?””

  1. tcba_joe says:

    So, the Navy is adopting another uniform?

    Looks like khaki and blue versions of the Army ACU with the chest and cargo pockets of the USCG ODUs.

    • SSD says:

      Yes, on possibly another uniform,
      No on ACUs. Like I said in the text, they are versions of the NWU Type 3, which is a much better uniform than the ACU.

  2. MattF says:

    So what will the wear conditions be contingent on for ‘Heritage’ vs. ‘Modern’ variants? Will see ‘Heritage’ Fridays whereas the rest of the week will be ‘Modern’ Shipboard uniform of the day?

  3. AbnMedOps says:

    I don’t have a seadog (salty, old, or otherwise) in this fight, but I’m glad that the Navy hasn’t entirely forgotten that they have a distinctive heritage, and are at least considering adapting it forward towards the future.

  4. orly? says:

    FR navy blue coveralls with sewn on rank collar devices.

    Simple, easy, somewhat cheap.

    It’s all we ever needed, and what many wanted before the aquaflauge fiasco.

    • AbnMedOps says:

      Yeah, but coveralls and flight suits suck when it’s sitting-time in the latrine/head. And with an ever-larger percentage of the force exclusively sitting, the inconvenience and inefficiency factors will not add to efficiency or morale.

      • orly? says:

        This is the thing, most of us on ship were wearing coveralls all the time.

        Unless you were YN/PN/LN working with paperwork, or maybe some Khaki doing some odd duty on ship you were wearing coveralls as you were supposed to be ready for General Quarters at any time.

        They polycotton issued coveralls of the early 2000’s weren’t too bad, but imagine the high poly content of the other uniforms.

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