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Grey Ghost Precision Announces Strategic Partnership with Aero Precision

Lakewood, WA and Seattle, WA – Grey Ghost Precision, leading manufacturers of accurate, reliable, and attainable weapon systems, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Aero Precision, an industry leader in high-volume manufacturing of firearms components.

The partnership will allow GGP’s current GLOCK line of components to leap to the next level, in utilizing Aero’s manufacturing abilities and expertise, as well as their distribution channels to help reach the end-users without the commonly found long lead times. GGP’s products can be in your hands faster and without compromising the quality both companies are best known for.

Combining the minds at both Grey Ghost Precision and Aero Precision creates a fully in-house solution in the manufacturing of the Grey Ghost Precision’s entire weapon system lines, for a complete service OEM production. This manufacturing capability will allow for the GGP customer to bypass the extended waiting periods before they are able to receive their GGP orders.

Customers will soon begin to see the two companies collaborating on the GGP line of slides, introduced at SHOT Show in Las Vegas. GGP’s slides are available in two different machine patterns for the G19 and G17, as well as the option of with or without an RMR optic cut.

“We are incredibly excited about what this partnership brings to the market,” stated Grey Ghost Precision CEO, Casey Ingels. “Both of our brands are focused on top tier products and our customers are of the upmost priority. We wanted to align ourselves with a company who shared our same values, and work ethic – the fact that they come from the Pacific NorthWest only further cemented their place in our hearts.”

Aero Precision is well known in the industry for high quality design with a strict production values, quality control measures of the highest order and an incredible work ethic. The combination of the two entities not only promises the best in quality but an unparalleled composition of innovation, drive and perfection.

Both GGP and Aero take the satisfaction very seriously, making it a point to remain relevant to each of their customers by being in constant contact with them. Relying on end-user feedback is the most important aspect in design and manufacturing – and both companies have demonstrated how imperative it is to know and live that credo.

“We are incredibly end-user focused; and with several of our products currently being deployed with teams in combat, our focus on the feedback from those who put themselves into harms way is the most imperative,” stated Ingels.

The partnership of these two awesome teams not only promises to bring new products to the market, but ensure that each product that goes out the door is to the ultimate end-user satisfaction and perfection.

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8 Responses to “Grey Ghost Precision Announces Strategic Partnership with Aero Precision”

  1. Dellis says:

    Look forward to seeing what they bring to the table!

  2. kev says:

    Wow these are expensive at about $700 a complete slide. Glad to see Aero is doing well.

  3. Gilk10180 says:

    I would be sold, if only they would make an option for the rmr with the irons in FRONT of the rmr cut. Unity tactical seems to be the only company doing this and getting ahold of one for a gen 3 glock is almost impossible.

    • Dellis says:

      I personally never understood the sights in front but if that’s your preference why not have the slide of your choice milled for the front sight where you want it?

      • jon says:

        I don’t have an RMR but the guy at Suarez Tactical? I think talks about it on one of the youtube videos about minimizing the interference between the RMR and the front sight- having a cleaner sight picture. YMMV I figure…

      • Gilk10180 says:

        Was hoping for a cots solution so I could have a complete slide to move back and forth between multiple guns, but Im getting closer to that, via L & M precision. @jon, I believe its Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics who discusses this topic, and makes a great case for it.

    • Stefan S. says:

      Agency Arms does that too.