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Friday Focus – FirstSpear Wins ABAV Contract

Fenton, MO – FirstSpear, industry leading innovator and manufacturer of military and law enforcement load bearing equipment, armor platform technology, and performance technical apparel has been awarded the SOCOM Aviation Body Armor Contract, ABAV.

The FirstSpear ABAV system endured a rigorous selection process that pushed the limits of performance and durability of the modular platforms required by todays best aviators. Evolving the transition from Air, Land, and Maritime Operations the FirstSpear system incorporated all of the features required by the end user in a streamlined package constructed from an all new FirstSpear Fire Retardant laser cut 6/12™ material.

Fully integrated emergency flotation is built right into the cummerbund allowing maximum freedom of movement for the operator while providing up to 73lbs of lift at surface in sea water during an emergency. The FirstSpear instant adjust back panel allows the end user to easily adjust cummerbund size between standard dress and flight suits to CBRNE or Cold weather gear. This functionality also allows the option to switch between land and maritime adaptive cummerbunds in just a few seconds thanks to FirstSpear Tubes™.

The ABAV was designed to enhance the survivability and lethality of the aviator within a single system that can be configured in just moments notice for the full spectrum of operational environments. FirstSpear is proud to support the men and women of our armed forces and will remain dedicated to providing the best possible equipment to those who need it most.

FirstSpear was founded in 2010 by a team of industry professionals and former U.S. servicemen with a mandate to shift industry paradigms and upend the status quo of load bearing technology and personal protective equipment. FirstSpear dedicates their efforts to support those willing to not just sacrifice and preserve our heritage but also secure our future.


7 Responses to “Friday Focus – FirstSpear Wins ABAV Contract”

  1. MultiCam Inside says:

    What kind of personnel will be wearing that : pilots ? Crew members ? In what kind of aircrafts ?

  2. Tom says:

    It’s about time someone comes out with a simple solution…. Regular Army will never buy off on it.

  3. MarcAHJ says:

    I’m curious what the crewmen’s restraint and tether will look like with the vest (if there is one). Current systems incorporate leg straps into the vest so that the back-enders can be secured via their tether.

    Looking forward to seeing more about this system.

    • Jere says:

      The system this replaces doesn’t have leg restraints. On what is currently fielded, a chest strap similar to the one pictured is connected to the riggers belt via what is essentially a climbing QuickDraw. The “monkey tail” clips to the carabiner on the chest.

  4. tm says:

    Interesting that it’s in OCP vs. Multicam, for a joint organization…