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PRIME Announces Ammunition Subscription Service

Monday, June 12th, 2017


Introducing PRIME Ammunition’s Shootscription™ Service

Las Vegas, NV, June 12, 2017– PRIME Ammunition is now offering an ammunition subscription service, dubbed Shootscription™, with the aim of providing more convenience to their customers. PRIME’s program has been designed to offer shooters of any volume the ability to accurately forecast their ammunition requirements with the convenience and peace of mind often absent when taking on the task of reordering consumables. PRIME Ammunition is able to offer this service with an unprecedented guarantee of price and availability due to their exclusive manufacturing partnership with RUAG Ammotec, the world renowned Swiss munitions company.

“You hear it pretty regularly from people who come out with new products…I worked with a talented team to build something that I personally wanted and would use on a regular basis.”, says Jim O’Shaughnessy, PRIME’s founder and CEO. He continued, “but PRIME’s Shootscripition™ service was born from the basics of how I train: I enjoy shooting, I shoot the same calibers and loads on a regular basis, I don’t enjoy shopping for ammunition, it bugs me when I can’t find the products I like, I don’t like it when prices go up, and I understand what my time is worth.”

When asked what the catch was, O’Shaughnessy replied, “It really is as simple as that. To have an uninterrupted supply of very dependable ammunition at a fair price that I don’t have to think about is the goal…it just shows up at my door on a regular basis with no contractual gotchas – that’s valuable to me. I hope our PRIME customers find Shootscriptions™ valuable and convenient as well.”

PRIME has set up their zero fee service with Shootscriber™ exclusive benefits like discounted pricing on all products, complete scalability for every type of shooter, free shipping for orders over $250 per interval, exclusive promotions, sales, and giveaways, as well as a complete guarantee of delivery and stable price.

Long time PRIME customer, multi discipline shooter and instructor, Michael Furrer, offered this testimony as to why PRIME Ammunition is his go to source for quality ammo and why Shootscriptions™ make sense to him, “I’m a business owner and rifle coach, working with juniors in Olympic style shooting and as a volunteer coach for the police department in my area. My precision long range experience began 40 years ago while in the Army. I made the decision to shoot PRIME Ammo for two primary reasons. First was quality. This ammunition is some of the most accurate consistent I have ever fired and consistency is the name of the game in long range precision shooting. The second is time. I enjoy spending my time on the range shooting, competing, coaching kids, and relaxing with my family. Why in the world would I spend my time at the reloading bench when I can get PRIME Ammunition at a competitive price? And now with an automated subscription option like this, PRIME is an even more obvious choice.”

Shootscriptions™ are available now and can be managed via your customer account dashboard. For more information, please visit www.primeammo.com/shootscription

A New 7.62 Round?

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Last month, Chief of Staff of the Army, GRN Mark Milley gave testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee regarding an unspecified, new 7.62 round which can defeat threat body armor. The Program Manager, Maneuver Ammunition Systems recently gave a presentation on the capabilities of the Army’s current small arms ammunition at Ft Bragg. This target coupon was shown as an example of 5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds being shot at 3/8″ mild steel from a distance of 300m.

Long story short, the ammunition is better than ever. The 5.56mm ammunition is optimized to offer the desired effect on target. Its 7.62mm equivalent, M80A1, went through that steel like a hot knife through butter.

Even the 5.56mm M855A1 makes quick work of threats, as long as it hits the target. The Army has excellent ammunition; now it needs to work on improving its combat marksmanship.

Photos via 82nd Airborne Division Master Gunner page on Facebook.

Rampart Range Day 2017 – AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems is exhibiting their 460 Tactical Bang Strip. It’s compact and can be remotely detonated or detonated via time delay. They often use the strip in conjunction with IV bags to breach doors.


Barnes Product Safety Recall Notice

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Product Safety Recall Notice

Do not use Barnes 300 Weatherby 180 grain TTSX VOR-TX Ammunition with Lot Numbers: Z08SA15L, Z08SB15L, Z09SA15L, Z09SB15L, Z11SB15L, Z11SC15L, Z12SA15L, Z12SB15L, Z12SC15L, Z08SA15R, Z08SB15R, Z09SA15R, Z09SB15R, Z11SB15R, Z11SC15R, Z12SA15R, Z12SB15R, Z12SC15R

Barnes Bullets, LLC determined that eighteen (18) Lots of its Barnes Bullets, LLC 300 Weatherby 180 grain TTSX VOR-TX ammunition (the “Ammunition”) packaged product may contain cartridges of a different caliber (collectively, the “Affected Product”). The eighteen (18) Lot Numbers are identified above. Firing a rifle with the incorrect caliber of ammunition may result in damage to the firearm, serious personal injury, or death.

To determine if you have Affected Product, please note the following:

• If you have a case of the Ammunition, the Lot Number is stenciled on the outside of the case; and,
• If you have a box of the Ammunition, the Lot Number is stamped on the inside flap of the box.

If you have Affected Product, immediately discontinue use of it and contact Barnes at the telephone number below. Barnes will arrange for the return shipment of your Affected Product and, upon receipt, will send you replacement Ammunition at no cost to you. If you are unsure whether you have Affected Product or if you have mixed boxes of ammunition, please immediately discontinue the use of the ammunition and contact Barnes Bullets, LLC at the below telephone number – we will replace this ammunition for you. For any other questions relating to the return of Affected Product, please contact the Barnes Consumer Service Department at 435-856-1115.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Safety First

Always observe Remington’s Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety and wear approved eye and ear protection anytime you are shooting.

SIG SAUER Expands its 9mm FMJ Ammunition Offerings

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Newington, NH (May 9, 2017) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of its 9mm full metal jacket (FMJ) Elite Performance Ammunition offerings with the addition of 124gr and 147gr bullet weights. With these new rounds, SIG customers now have three 9mm bullet weights – 115gr, 124gr and 147gr – available in both the V-Crown® jacketed hollow point (JHP) personal defense ammunition and the SIG FMJ target loads.

The perfect combination of affordability and performance, the SIG FMJ ball ammunition is designed to approximate the performance of the corresponding JHP loads, making a seamless transition from target ammo to carry ammo. The copper-coated lead bullets in the SIG FMJ ammunition were engineered to have the most precise, uniform profile, resulting in consistent accuracy.

“SIG FMJ ammunition is designed specifically for practice and competition shooting, and given the sheer popularity of the 9mm caliber, expanding the FMJ line to mirror the V-Crown offerings was an important next step,” said Dan Powers, President of the SIG SAUER Ammunition Division. “These premium target rounds feed as smoothly as our V-Crown JHP rounds and perform and feel almost identical to the V-Crown loads when shooting, making them ideal practice rounds.”

Manufactured to meet or exceed SAAMI specifications, the SIG FMJ centerfire pistol cartridges feature solid brass cases and durable copper jacketed bullets that stay with the lead at impact. Dependable primers and clean-burning powders are used for reduced barrel fouling and more reliable functioning. All SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition is manufactured by SIG SAUER at its new ammunition manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Arkansas to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles. For more information, visit www.sigsauer.com/ammunition.

US Army Special Operations Command Seeks Precision Intermediate Caliber Ammunition

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

During a briefing earlier this week at the NDIA Armaments Congerence in Fredericksburg, Virginia, COL Samuel Ashley, the DCS G8 for the US Army Special Operations Command, discussed a current initiative to identify a Precision Intermediate Caliber ammunition from within the 6.5mm family. In this joint effort between USASOC and PEO Soldier’s PM for Soldier Weapons, they will test 23 different cartridges in 6.5mm Creedmoor and .260 Remington later this month, using the Army’s 2000m Doppler RADAR equipped range, at the nearby Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Based on this research, they will conduct a user evaluation of the selected cartridge, in October. This is a very fast paced effort which aims to identify a 6.5mm family cartridge for integration into a USASOC requirement for a new semiautomatic sniper weapon. It will also give others a leg up in identifying a viable option for an intermediate caliber.

USSOCOM briefer, LTC Mark Owens, PM for Ammo, Weapons and Visual Augmentation Systems supports the efforts of SOF components like USASOC, and added some additional insight into where the ammunition selected from the USASOC study might go. He mentioned that in FY18 we should see the development of a 6.5mm Assault Machine Gun which would result in the fielding, soon thereafter, of an Intermediate Caliber Assault Machine Gun. The cartridge decision will also lead to the fielding of an Intermediate Caliber Sniper Rifle/Carbine in the years FY19-23.

American Eagle Introduces 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel Varmint & Predator Loads

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

ANOKA, Minnesota – April 17, 2017 – Federal Premium Ammunition is pleased to announce it has expanded its American Eagle Varmint & Predator lineup with new 90-grain 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel loads. The loads combine accuracy, consistency, reliable performance on target and an affordable price tag to create the perfect round for the avid varmint hunter. Shipments of these new products are being delivered to dealers.

New American Eagle Varmint & Predator loads feature reloadable brass and Federal primers with a jacketed hollow point or Tipped Varmint bullet, depending on caliber. Both designs expand explosively on impact for maximum lethality. American Eagle Varmint & Predator loads are offered in 40- or 50-count bulk packs perfect for high-volume shooting.

Features & Benefits
· New 90-grain 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel loads
· Consistent, accurate performance
· Explosive expansion on impact
· Consistent primers
· Reliable feeding and function
· Highly reloadable brass cases
· Bulk packs reduce in-the-field waste

Part No. / Description / MSRP
AE65GDL90VP / 6.5 Grendel 90-grain JHP – 50-count / $63.95
AE6890VP / 6.8 SPC 90-grain JHP – 50-count / $53.95


SIG SAUER Introduces SIG HT Hunting Ammunition in 308 Win

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Newington, NH (April 3, 2017) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to expand its SIG HT hunting line of premium-grade rifle ammunition with the addition of 308 Win. Featuring an all-copper bullet that delivers deep penetration and maximum terminal ballistic performance, SIG HT ammunition is supremely accurate and ideal for hunting numerous species of game.

The 150gr 308 Win features a muzzle velocity of 2,900 fps and muzzle energy of 2,801 ft-lbs. This SIG HT 308 Win cartridge is excellent for mid-sized game such as deer, antelope, pigs and predators.

“SIG HT ammunition is extremely effective in the field, and our initial SIG HT offering in supersonic 300BLK has been in high demand because of its outstanding performance,” said Dan Powers, President of the SIG SAUER Ammunition Division. “Retailers and their customers are asking for additional calibers in this lead-free, all-copper hunting round, and we will continue to expand the line to meet even more hunters’ needs.”

SIG HT cartridges are made with premium nickel-plated shell cases, and flash-reduced propellant is used to minimize visible signature while shooting in low-light situations. Premium quality primers are also used to minimize variations in velocity.

All Elite Performance Ammunition is manufactured in the United States by SIG SAUER to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles. For more information, visit www.sigammo.com.

Follow SIG SAUER on social media, including Facebook at www.facebook.com/sigsauerinc, Instagram at www.instagram.com/sigsauerinc, and YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/sigsauerinc.