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Warrior East – BFG SAW Drum Pouch

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Blue Force Gear is constantly developing new products. This is a pouch for the 200 rd SAW Drum. It’s a simple, straight forward design but their material selections always takes their gear to the next level in both appearance and performance.

As you can see, the ULTRAcomp material extends over the top of the lid to makes SR buckle loop.

The rear incorporates BFG’s Helium Whisper attachment system.

Gorilla Ammunition Pro Shooter Nick Atkinson Wins Texas 3Gun Championship

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

In Marble Falls Texas this past weekend Nick Atkinson placed 1st in the Tactical Optics division of the Texas 3Gun Championship

Vero Beach, FL, – April 11, 2016 – Just this past weekend, under a blanket of clouds, battling the wind and dust Nick Atkinson was dominating the competition at the Texas 3Gun Championship Marble Falls, Texas. Nick placed 1st in the Tactical Optics division, defeating over 180 competitors.

“The Texas 3Gun Championship was a great match with tough competition. I was a few points behind going into the final stage, but my Gorilla match ammo helped me secure a stage win, going 1 for 1 on all the long range targets and I finished the match taking 1st place. Gorilla made the difference between 1st and 2nd place for me this weekend. I have been shooting Gorilla 69 grain match ammo for over a year, so I knew I could count on it to cut the wind on all the long range shots” said Nick Atkinson

“We are very proud of Nick’s early 2016 season win and can’t wait to see his performances throughout the season. Nick has been working really hard on his skills and we are elated to be a part of his success,” said Jay Duncan, Gorilla Ammunition’s Director Sales & Marketing.

Winchester Ammunition Offers ‘Series of Five’, Custom Built, Cartridge-Firearm Boards to Celebrate 150th Anniversary

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016


EAST ALTON, Ill.—In celebration of its 150th anniversary, Winchester introduces five, custom-built, collectible cartridge-firearm boards, offered to various industry-conservation organizations in support of the shooting sports and hunting heritage.

“In a milestone year for Winchester, we are extremely proud to offer this very limited, once-in-a-lifetime series of five cartridge-firearm boards, which truly represent legacy and innovation,” said Brett Flaugher, Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Strategy. “A lot of time and meticulous work goes into building these boards … they are remarkable pieces of art.”


Each exclusive Winchester framed collectible board features historic ammunition cartridges, nostalgic packaging and the Winchester 150th anniversary medallion. The five collectible firearms featured in each cartridge board embody the rich Winchester heritage respected by sportsmen and women across the world. The lineup includes:

Model 1866 Yellow Boy Chambered in 44 Rimfire
Model 12, 20 Gauge
Model 1873 .38-40 Cal. Made in 1882
Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle in .30 WCF
Model 70 (pre-1964) .30-06

More details on this commemorative lineup of bullet boards will be available throughout 2016 on and communicated through Winchester Ammunition social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

New 2016 Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition and Component Offerings

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Mona, UT – Barnes Bullets, LLC (“Barnes”) the leader in bullet innovation and performance, is adding three loads to the VOR-TX ammunition lineup and new 300AAC Blackout and 450 Bushmaster components for handloaders.

The VOR-TX line extensions will bring three new loads to the Barnes VOR-TX family – A 308 Win. load featuring the proven 130 grain TTSX bullet, a 300 Winchester Magnum load with a new 190 grain LRX bullet, optimized for long range performance, and finally, a 35 Whelen load featuring the field-proven Barnes TTSX 200 grain projectile.

For handloaders, Barnes will now offer the 300 AAC BLK 120 grain TAC-TX BT bullet, previously only available in VOR-TX ammunition. Also available for the first time, Barnes will offer a 275 grain TSX FB bullet specifically designed for 450 Bushmaster platforms. Both of these components offer the discerning handloader the opportunity to fine-tune and optimize their 300 AAC Blackout and 450 Bushmaster ammunition.

Sneak Peek – Drum Mag for .510 Beck

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

The .510 Beck cartridge was designed as an anti-material solution which is compatible with .308 AR-style rifles. The .510 Beck requires a different barrel, bolt, and magazine.  The military model is compatible with the SR-25 but commercial models are coming as well. 

This drum magazine for the Beck Defense .510 Beck round is based on the patented X Products .308 50 round drum design. Future models will be skeletonized to help control weight.

Initially, the rounds will be offered in subsonic with weights of 327 to 680 grains.  Coming soon.

PRIME Ammo: Shoot More, Live Better…

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Shoot More, Live Better. It’s not just our motto—it’s how we live, so when, during a past ammunition craze, we found ourselves unable to obtain quality ammunition, we saw an opportunity to turn our passion into our full-time jobs while contributing to the fight to maintain our constitutional rights. Because, after all, the right to keep and bear arms isn’t really worth much if you don’t have quality ammunition to go with your passion. Our target market was ourselves, our friends, and people like us: People who strive to make every trigger pull count; people serious enough to want the most accurate and reliable ammunition for the intended task—ammunition good enough to compete, fight, and win with.   

Our goals are simple: (1) earn your business by providing you with the absolute best value in high-performance ammunition (2) earn your trust by providing the highest-level of customer service, and (3) use our business as a platform to ensure that you and your children truly can Shoot More, Live Better. We knew we wanted to manufacture in volumes that would ensure a constant supply to our customers; we knew we wanted to be free from the supply inconsistencies and gouging that occurs whenever there is an election or a push to curtail our Second Amendment rights. We knew we wanted the latest and most sophisticated manufacturing processes and machines capable of producing “the world’s most consistently accurate” ammunition at a price that represented a value relative to performance.   

Our solution was a partnership with RUAG Ammotec, a Swiss company with Swiss/German roots that is the undisputed European market leader in military, hunting and sports ammunition. RUAG is one of the world’s largest (and oldest) manufacturers of precision munitions, and a supplier of components to some of the largest ammunition brands in the U.S. It’s very likely, in fact, that you have already used ammunition containing components made by RUAG. PRIME Ammunition is designed to our American specifications, then engineered and manufactured in European facilities to the highest degree of technical performance.

Why partner with a European company, or for that matter, why not build a manufacturing plant of our own here in the U.S.? Answer: We simply couldn’t identify another manufacturer as capable as RUAG when it came to consistency and quality.   

PRIME AMMUNITION is ready to supply you with the best factory ammunition made. Our partnership with RUAG Ammotec provides you the Swiss and German precision, engineering and manufacturing prowess that leading shooters around the world use and trust. Now it’s your turn! Whether it’s tactical, self-defense, competition, hunting, recreational, pistol, rifle or shotgun shooting, PRIME delivers unmatched performance and value directly to your doorstep.

SHOT Show Booth : 3019


Gorilla Ammunition Shooter, Nick Atkinson, Signing Autographs at the Gorilla Ammunition SHOT Show Booth

Saturday, January 16th, 2016

Nick Atkinson, 2015 3gun Nation Pro Series shooter, meeting with fans and signing autographs at the Shooting Sports Industry largest trade show this month.

Vero Beach, FL, – January 14, 2016 – Nick Atkinson’s 2015 professional shooting season was an incredible success. Qualifying for the 3gun Nation Pro Series for the 3 straight year and earning a spot in the 3gun Nation Pro Series semi finals in 2015. Nick earned several wins in competition in 2015 and has over 20 National Level Match top 10 finishes in his career. Nick’s has already qualified for the 2016 3gun Nation Pro Series and his pro shooting career is advancing very well.

Gorilla Ammunition will host Nick at their 2016 SHOT Show booth to meet with fans and sign autographs. Nick will be in the booth on Wednesday January 20th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Gorilla Ammunition is located in booth 3727 at the SHOT Show at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

“Gorilla Ammunition is proud of Nick’s performance last season. Nick has done a great job representing the Gorilla Ammunition brand. We want to utilize the SHOT Show as an opportunity to allow Nick to meet his fans and connect with the public. Nick is a not only a great shooter but a fun and energetic person and his passion for the shooting sports shows!” said Gorilla Ammunition’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Jay Duncan

“I have been to SHOT a few times, but I was always the one collecting autographs. It is an exciting milestone in my career to be the one signing the autographs now.” said Nick Atkinson. 

Gorilla Ammunition is a manufacturer of high quality modern firearm ammunition and dominates the 300 Blackout ammunition category. Also Gorilla Ammunition offers the Silverback product line of self defense ammunition, featuring solid copper machined projectiles in 380 ACP, 9mm, 45 ACP, and 300 BLK. These technologically advanced projectiles create insane temporary and permanent wound cavities with controlled expansion to optimum depths. Gorilla Ammunition’s industry leading quality and performance is helping this young manufacturing company grow very rapidly.

Lancer Introduces the L12 Advanced Warfighter MagazineNew Hybrid Magazine Developed for .510 Beck

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Quakertown, PA – January 7, 2016 – Lancer Systems LP, a leading advanced weapons and components engineering company, today announced its new L12 Advanced Warfighter Magazine (AWM), a single stack hybrid magazine engineered for the new .510 Beck cartridge developed by Beck Defense. The L12AWM will be available in both a five round and seven round option. The magazine will debut at SHOT Show(r) 2016 in Lancer’s booth, #7503.

Like all Lancer hybrid magazines, the L12AWM features a lightweight, high strength polymer magazine body with hardened steel feed lips. It is this hybrid design that makes Lancer’s magazines the most reliable magazines in the industry.

The L12AWM is capable of reliably feeding a wide range of projectile weights, from a 327 grain controlled chaos round, to a 680 grain solid brass subsonic round, with future plans to increase projectile weights. The magazine was engineered to handle the relatively short .510 Beck patented brass case loaded with a high grain projectile, giving the 50 caliber round maximum stopping power within a mid-size (.308) AR platform. Further details on the .510 Beck cartridge to be announced by Beck Defense at SHOT Show 2016.

“The L12AWM is the latest evolution in our magazine line, building off of the engineering and design that went into the L5AWM, L7AWM and SIG Sauer(r) MPX hybrid magazines,” explained Kas McManus, business area manager of advanced weapons & components at Lancer. “We’re proud to partner with Beck Defense on this project and introduce a hybrid magazine for the .510 Beck cartridge that is unlike anything else out there.”

The L12AWM will be available third quarter 2016.

PolyCase Ammunition Exhibits At London’s Defense And Security Equipment Trade Show

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Savannah, GA – PolyCase Ammunition, makers of ammunition for the 21st century, launches its revolutionary Inceptor by PolyCase line of ammunition in the United Kingdom during the 2015 Defense and Security Equipment International trade show at the ExCeL convention center in London, beginning Tuesday, 15 September through Friday, 18 September 2015.

Fair goers can view the Inceptor by PolyCase ammunition lineup at either of the two PolyCase Ammunition booths, S4-180 or N5-371. To learn more about this revolutionary ammunition please visit our company representatives as well as European and United Kingdom agents during the fair.

“PolyCase Ammunition continues to lead the way in the advancement of ammunition manufacturing for the 21st century. Our proprietary, injection molded projectiles are range compliant yet produce the terminal performance demanded by our European customers, be they hunters, sport shooters or defense and security operators. Our customers appreciate the higher velocities, flatter trajectories and match-grade accuracy afforded at highly competitive pricing, courtesy of the patented materials and advanced manufacturing methods used to produce the Inceptor by PolyCase line of brass-cased ammunition,” said PolyCase Ammunition CEO and Founder, Paul Lemke.

Inceptor by PolyCase ammunition features their patent-pending metal-polymer projectiles produced by a patent-pending, technologically advanced and fully automated injection-molding process. The material –– a proprietary metal alloy with a high-tensile strength nylon binder developed specifically for projectiles –– produces lighter, faster, extremely accurate bullets with less recoil that are engineered to display uniformity in concentricity and weight.

Team Never Quit Announces Ammo Line

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Team Never Quit includes some big names like Marcus Luttrell, Pete Scobell, Jason Redman, David Goggins and Taya Kyle and was founded as a community of people who stand united in the fight to honor, support, and restore our veterans and to help them overcome the struggles they face when they come home. One of their main events is the Patriot Tour but they recently branched out, into ammunition.


Offered through Snake River Shooting Products, Team Never Quit ammuntion donates $0.05 of every box to the Lone Survivor Foundation (up to $10,000) from 04/01/15 through 12/31/15.