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782 Gear – Tradition Meets Innovation

We introduced 782 Gear’s Smokin Line during this year’s SHOT Show and as you may recall, they have taken product concepts that many of us grew up with and applied a modern material and construction story. Additionally, they didn’t just hit the market with one or two garments available in limited numbers. Rather, they have manufactured complete runs of base, mid, and outer layers and they offer FR options for many of these products. 782 Gear has also designed contact gloves, balaclavas, and beanies to complement their clothing. We have reviewed the line and can say that attention to detail is the standard. The mix of high tech fabrics with performance driven designs really impresses us. Take for example, the field jacket inspired softshell parka pictured above. It’s really more than a softshell as it also also incorporates hardshell technology, mixing fabrics for different effects based on location on the body.

One mid layer we want to point out is the APECS liner designed specifically to interface with the APECS parka issued to the Marines, Navy, and Air Force.

In addition to the clothing they also offer a blanket that is quite similar to the issue poncho liner except that there is an FR version. The blanket even has a hooded brother called the kloke (seen above). Also, they have introduced water resistant duffels made from PVC and ballistic nylon. We’ve shown you just a couple of products but everything is like that. It’s fresh and new and worth checking out. Colors options include Black, Coyote, Foliage Green, and MultiCam (including the head and hand wear) and several of the clothing items are reversible.

782 Gear can be found at their three distributors Source One Distributors, GSS, and Grey Group Training.

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