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The Army’s Dual Path Strategy for a Service Rifle

PEO-Soldier posted an excellent article detailing the the Dual Path Strategy for the Next Generation of Army Service Rifles. The graphic below from PEO-Soldier gives you the main points, but make sure you take the time to go read the actual article.

There are however, a few things that the article doesn’t tell you. For example, while the Army is currently purchasing 25,000 M4A1 carbines from Colt Defense, the weapons needed to fulfill the remainder of the Army’s requirement as well as Sister Service buys and Foreign Military Sales will be offered as a free and open solicitation. That’s right, the Army requirement alone is 14,000 carbines, and someone will be building those weapons, as well as the others we mentioned. Look for the solicitation as early as next quarter. Additionally, the Army currently about 65,000 M4s and they need to be upgraded to the M4A1 standard which includes barrels, trigger control unit, and ambidextrous controls. That too will be an open solicitation. Lots of business out there, without even mentioning the Carbine Competition. Exciting stuff.


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