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Air Force Seeking MultiCam Flight Suits – NOT

CANCELLED! Looks like Airmen will NOT be getting MultiCam flightsuits anytime soon. Quite specifically, a recent RFQ from the 45th Space Wing’s Contracting Squadron calls for some 200 DRIFIRE brand two piece flight suits, t-shirts, and combat shirts. In MultiCam no less. We’ve written about Drifire’s two piece flight suit. To summarize, the benefits of Drifire are myriad:
-Permanent Flame Resistance
-Moisture Wicking
-Fast Drying
-Superior Comfort

Based on these stats, it’s now wonder that they asked for Drifire.

It is important to note that the procurement originates at Patrick AFB on Florida’s Space Coast (hence the 45th Space Wing). Patrick is home to the USAF Reserve’s 920th Rescue Wing. Think PJs and Rescue Helos. So this isn’t the start of some big Air Force procurement for MultiCam flight suits. However, it is a great opportunity for Dri Fire.

All of this may sound confusing. But you have to understand how the Air Force conducts business. The 45th Space Wing is the host base and the 920th is a tenant. Consequently, they will rely on the host Wing for things like contracting. While the 45 Wing might be buying these garments, they are probably not the folks paying for them, or using them.

While the Air Force recently announced that it will be fielding Army OCP clothing and equipment to deploying Airmen, flyer’s clothing was not discussed. The Army does in fact have a certified two piece flight suit in MultiCam in the form of the OCP A2CU. What’s more, they just equipped the first unit a few weeks ago. But, the Air Force often wants to go its own way when it comes to flight suits. In fact, two piece flight suits have been a bit of a touchy subject in the Air Force for quite some time, whether they have been certified by another service or not. However, the two piece ensembles are much better for helo crews including PJs and flight medics. It’s good to see the troops getting the kit they need.

DRIFIRE Phenix II Flight Suit


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