AOTS Visits BHI – Part I

G4TV’s Attack of the Show recently visited Blackheart International at their rural West Virginia facility for some shootin’. AOTS’s Weston Scott, got some hands on experience under the tutelage of Erik Lawrence with the BHI-15 as well as the F class target rifle introduced at SHOT Show. To watch the video


4 Responses to “AOTS Visits BHI – Part I”

  1. murphquake says:

    Surprised they stuck to longer range shooting, figure a show like that would be thinking “i just want bang bang bang!” What Multicam jacket was that? That a regular thing with that guy or did someone throw it at him for the shoot?

  2. MedicTrunkMonkey says:

    Appears to be a Wild Things Tactical SO 1.0

  3. Administrator says:

    Since BHI sells those jackets I would say it is a safe bet they gave it to him.

  4. Casey says:

    Nice Mayflower chest rig, too.