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Vuzix Develops Holographic Glasses

Under various programs Vuzix has long been working on the next generation of holographic goggles and glasses. Based on their patented Blade Optical system, the Vuzix Tactical Display Group will develop “Next Generation Display Technology” for the Joint Terminal Attack Contoller’s Battlefield Air Operations Kit under DARPA’s Persistent Close Air Support (PCAS) program. The holographic displays will join other enabling technologies; manned/unmanned airborne platforms, next generation graphical user interfaces, data links, digital guidance and control, and advanced targeting and visualization tools working together as a “system of systems” to digitally task a CAS platform from the ground as well as reduce collateral damage and potential fratricide to friendly forces.

Development of these devices is essential for the next leap of Soldier digitization to take place. Currently, Soldiers rely on a monocle view screen that, due to its close proximity to the eye looks larger than its true size. However, even the smallest screen blocks a portion of the Soldier’s vision and while he is looking at the screen it may mask a threat from his line of sight. This is what makes holographic eyewear so desirable. The Soldier continues to have an unobstructed, full field of view of the battle space but can augment his vision and reality perception by overlaying various types of data onto the scene. For example, an icon could float over the objective and point out enemy emplacements based on a feed from a drone overhead.

Vuzix already has a great deal of experience in Augmented Reality. We look forward to seeing additional functionality built in to similar systems.

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3 Responses to “Vuzix Develops Holographic Glasses”

  1. sal says:

    Also remember that many monocles are non see-through, which severely decreases situational awareness and can’t be used on the move.

  2. Steve Glaser says:

    Prototypes will be available for private demos at the SOFIC conference in May in Tampa.

    hit us up at if interested

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