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Vuzix Completes Sale of its Tactical Display Group for $8.5 Million

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Yesterday, Vuzix announced the completion of the sale of its business assets which comprised the Company’s Tactical Display Group. They are well known for the development and manufacture of individual displays used in a variety of programs.

Essentially, TDG is purchasing itself from Vuzix for $8.5 Million plus possible and the two firms have agreed to a 10 year non-compete with a possible $2.5 Million earn-out provision if certain conditions are met within the next year. However, the non-compete isn’t absolute. According to Market Watch, “TDG LLC has agreed to become the exclusive authorized reseller of the Company’s existing and new video eyewear products into the global Military and Defense markets. Additionally Vuzix is still allowed to perform its historically successful engineering services work on its new waveguide based video eyewear technology directly for customers within the Military and Defense markets. Any new products that the Company creates under its permitted ongoing engineering services and research programs with the US Government and other Defense organizations worldwide are to be exclusively marketed by the TDG LLC in the Military and Defense markets, unless the TDG LLC elects to have Vuzix do the same.

All-in-all it looks like a great deal for Vuzix and a not-so-great deal for TDG. Interesting, considering over the past few years, it seems as most of the heavy lifting has been accomplished by the TDG business unit. Notice that the most lucrative elements of the business seem to remain the property of Vuzix. Additionally, none of the company’s ‘key personnel’ will be leaving to the new TDG but rather will remain with Vuzix. In fact, about a year ago, industry insiders predicted such an action as a means to save Vuzix at the cost of TDG. It will be interesting to see how TDG fairs over the next few years as defense spending radically changes.

Vuzix Delivers Sunlight Readable See-Through HMD Systems to the Army

Monday, October 10th, 2011

When the big, heavy, cable-laden Nett Warrior went away it took the Helmet Mounted Display along with it. But, with technologies like this new Sunlight Readable See-Through HMD from Vuzix they may remain an option in the future. Vuzix just delivered two different sets of the technology to the Army’s Natick Soldier RD&E Center (NSRDEC). Unlike previously used HMDs these are see-through. The monocular design clips on to ballistic glasses or helmets and are compatible with any device featuring a VGA or composite video out capability. They use a Liquid Crystal light shutter as a means to control the level of translucency.

According to a press release from Vuzix:

Each of Vuzix’ waveguide and quantum beamsplitter optical systems delivered to NSRDEC demonstrate various performance characteristics. The first design affords a smaller form factor, and the second, a super high brightness system achieving a display screen outputting 2400 nits for use in direct sunlight.

Enter to Win an iPad 2 and Get a Free T-Shirt from Vuzix at SOFIC

Monday, May 16th, 2011

There are lots of reasons to love Vuzix. Aside from building some amazing displays they are sponsoring an iPad 2 giveaway. In order to enter go to Additionally, they are offering free t-shirts to this week’s SOFIC attendees. Stop by Booth #1345 to get a free t-shirt and check out their latest technologies like the holographic glasses we recently wrote about.

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Vuzix Develops Holographic Glasses

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Under various programs Vuzix has long been working on the next generation of holographic goggles and glasses. Based on their patented Blade Optical system, the Vuzix Tactical Display Group will develop “Next Generation Display Technology” for the Joint Terminal Attack Contoller’s Battlefield Air Operations Kit under DARPA’s Persistent Close Air Support (PCAS) program. The holographic displays will join other enabling technologies; manned/unmanned airborne platforms, next generation graphical user interfaces, data links, digital guidance and control, and advanced targeting and visualization tools working together as a “system of systems” to digitally task a CAS platform from the ground as well as reduce collateral damage and potential fratricide to friendly forces.

Development of these devices is essential for the next leap of Soldier digitization to take place. Currently, Soldiers rely on a monocle view screen that, due to its close proximity to the eye looks larger than its true size. However, even the smallest screen blocks a portion of the Soldier’s vision and while he is looking at the screen it may mask a threat from his line of sight. This is what makes holographic eyewear so desirable. The Soldier continues to have an unobstructed, full field of view of the battle space but can augment his vision and reality perception by overlaying various types of data onto the scene. For example, an icon could float over the objective and point out enemy emplacements based on a feed from a drone overhead.

Vuzix already has a great deal of experience in Augmented Reality. We look forward to seeing additional functionality built in to similar systems.

To learn more visit

Vuzix Tactical Display Group

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Vuzix Tactical Display Group

Vuzix has been on the head mounted display scene for a couple of years now. In fact, if you own a headset for your iPod chances are that it is a Vuzix product. Naturally, we are interested in their tactical products and they have been instrumental in the Future Force Warrior program as well as taking on several special projects for USSOCOM. They are constantly developing new systems but here are two complimentary mainstays in their line.

The Tac Eye Goggle Mounted Display

Tac Eye Goggle Mounted Display

What makes the GMD unique is that it is mounted below the eye unlike previous Head Mounted Displays which completely occluded the wearer’s vision. Additionally, it mounts directly to the operator’s goggles and it is adaptable to a wide variety of models (Revision, ESS, and Oakley) in order to accommodate different tastes or requirements. The SVGA+ (852×600) color display has a 32° horizontal field of view.

Wearable Mouse

Vuzix Wearable Mouse

The mouse is rugged and easily mounted to the operator’s kit.

For information on these and other custom solutions contact the Tactical Display Group.

Photos courtesy of Vuzix.