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At the beginning of the month, we let you know about the new commercial Tactical Flight Duty Uniforms (TFDU) authorized for wear by USAF C130 and HH60 crews in the CENTCOM AOR. This is the Eagle TFDU specified in the AFCENT instruction which has actually been available for several years and has seen service with other organizations. It is currently available in Tan and Sage Green. Reading through AFCENT 36-2903, it never specifies what color is required but implies Tan in para. Desert patrol cap or desert floppy hat, “boonie” is authorized for wear.

From the Instruction:

3.7.2. Procurement: Through rigorous AFE testing and flight testing, three sets of TFDUs have been approved for wear. The TFDU will be purchased with unit funds. Manufacturers who have met ACC requirements and styles authorized are:

Company: DriFire
1) Phoenix (sic) II (S)
2) Phoenix (sic) II (W)

Company: Eagle Industries
3) Tactical Aircrew Flight Suit Jacket
3) Tactical Aircrew Flight Suit Pants


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