Now Approved for Wear in AFCENT – Tactical Flight Duty Uniform

Some of you may remember the on-again, off-again love affair the Air Force was having with DriFire’s PHENIX II Flight Suit. But it looks like that has all been cleared up. According to the latest version of USAFCENTI 36-2903 dated 6 June, 2011, only three different two-piece flight suits are authorized for wear in the AFCENT AOR. Two of them are DriFire suits.

3.7.2. Procurement: Through rigorous AFE testing and flight testing, three sets of TFDUs have been approved for wear. The TFDU will be purchased with unit funds. Manufacturers who have met ACC requirements and styles authorized are:

Company: DriFire
1) Phoenix (sic) II (S)
2) Phoenix (sic) II (W)

Company: Eagle Industries
3) Tactical Aircrew Flight Suit Jacket
3) Tactical Aircrew Flight Suit Pants

The Instruction is very specific about wear and goes on to state:

TFDU will only be worn when performing flying operations, flight line duties, flight related duties (to include Alert Commitments/Responsibilities) and meals in association with flying duties. It will not be worn during travel to and from the Area of Responsibility. Mixing of jackets and pants from different manufacturers is not authorized.

Additionally, the London Bridge Trading Rigger’s Belt, part # LBT0612A, is authorized to be worn. This belt is part of the Army’s FREE program, an FR clothing system for Aviators and Mounted Crewmen.

Wear is restricted to H-60 and C-130 crews. We do know that the DriFire ensembles are currently available and can be had in Tan as well as OCP (MultiCam). As soon as we get a status on the Eagle uniform we will update this article.

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11 Responses to “Now Approved for Wear in AFCENT – Tactical Flight Duty Uniform”

  1. Riceball says:

    Why all of the restrictive rules about where and when you can where this new uniform and who is allowed to wear it? Sounds kind of like the Army’s silly rules about only wearing OCP when basically outside the wire and back to UCP when in “garrison”. Who really wants to pack more than one type of uniform when on deployment, I sure as hell wouldn’t, I’d want to be able to pack multiples of the same type of uniform and not have to worry about keeping a set for when in garrison or in this case, not on flight duty.

  2. ender9492 says:


    Well, the current FDU is supposed to be only for flight duties, or activities directly relating to flight duties, and not just for everday wear… But most aircrew wear it all the time anyway, so I suspect that the TFDU will be no different downrange.

  3. Tim L. says:

    I’m just curious why they’re only letting the H-60 and C-130 crews wear them? I would love to try the TFDU out my my next deployment.

  4. Administrator says:

    What is your MDS?

  5. Tim L. says:


  6. Administrator says:

    I definitely feel for you. If you have to get up and walk to go take a piss while performing flight duties, you should be allowed to wear this ensemble.

  7. Kirk S. says:

    This uniform is specifically authorized for H-60 aircrews because of the lack of onboard environmental systems which are afforded to most other AF aircrews and is considered a mitigating factor for thermal injuries. While C-130 aircrews do have enrivonmental sytems, they also spend a significant amount of time depressurized and exposed to extreme temperatures.

  8. Administrator says:

    So what does that have to do with a two-piece flight suit? You can’t take the jacket off while in flight.

  9. Warrior says:

    I wouldnt get too worked up about this, its not on the safe to fly letter for us yet, so we cant even wear it, lol

  10. […] the beginning of the month, we let you know about the new commercial Tactical Flight Duty Uniforms (TFDU) authorized for wear by USAF C130 and HH60 crews in the CENTCOM AOR. This is the Eagle TFDU […]

  11. brandon says:

    seriously a KC10 guy wanting to wear a 2 piece flight suit? C-130 crews should wear them because of the tactical areas they can land and take off in while in OEF.