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Slider from TMS ADS

The Slider is an innovative load carrying solution from Tactical Medical Solutions. While TMS specializes in medical gear, their personnel were 18D SF Medics. Consequently, they are no strangers to wearing body armor and the challenges of effectively using the available load carrying real estate on a vest.

The Slider attaches to the side of an armor vest and offers what is essentially a PALS panel that “slides” along a webbing track from rear to front. You store your extra kit in the rear and pull it forward when needed. It’s important to note that it will sit in front of your pouches so it isn’t necessarily something you are going to want to leave there depending on the mission. It was actually originally envisioned for 40mm grenades but works just as well for anything. Medical gear, extra magazines, etc.

Look for an updated video of the latest version of the Slider later this week.

The Slider as well as all TMS products are available for agency purchase from www.adsinc.com/tactical-medical-solutions.


9 Responses to “Slider from TMS ADS

  1. Jimbo says:

    As per SOP, top quality products from top quality people. I have used many of TMS’s products in combat and I love the effort they put forth into saving lives on the battlefield.

  2. Jack says:

    Now that’s a neat idea. Somebody had their thinking cap on. Good stuff.

  3. murphquake says:


  4. murphquake says:

    basically they took the idea of swinging around a waist pack or bandolier and turned it into a vest mounted item… what would be cool now is to integrate it into some mag shingles in front so you have a continuous strip to slide along and can do away with some of the buckles and straps….

  5. Andrew says:

    whoa, murphquake…there’s a name I haven’t seen in a while!

  6. I see what you mean but... says:

    This is cool.

  7. pliner says:

    Cool idea but I am skeptical of it working very well once you get some grit/dirt in that back portion that slides and once a user has pouches/radios on the side of the vest.

  8. Administrator says:


    I’m not sure HOW you think this works but there are no metal parts, gears or tracks to foul with dirt. I’m not going to tell anyone exactly how they do it. That will just help someone knock them off. If you want to know, buy one. But, I will say that it is simple, and simple is usually best.


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