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Triple Aught Design Reintroduces MultiCam

Customers have asked and Triple Aught Design has listened. This Friday (23 Sep 2011), they are going to reintroduce the MultiCam colorway to their line. Here we will focus on three of their iconic bag designs, the FAST Pack Litespeed and EDC as well as the Dispatch Bag. However, they are also introducing MultiCam to their line of pouches. Manufactured from 1000D Cordura along with Mil-Spec printed PALS webbing, they add Hypalon reinforcement to select areas to protect the bags from abrasion. Triple Aught Design has put a lot of thought into their bags over the past few years and really refined them based on user feedback coupled with some moments of inspiration from the good idea fairy. For example, every pack includes their signature Flashlight Cave, a hidden pocket within arms reach to have immediate access to keys and other everyday carry items without having to take the bag off.

Here are the packs:

FAST Pack Litespeed


Dispatch Bag

Look for more in-depth coverage of each of these bags here soon and be sure to check for these products this Friday at


9 Responses to “Triple Aught Design Reintroduces MultiCam”

  1. Juan says:

    Besides the hefty price tag, I love my TAD Pack (Litespeed),and I do agree with the quality and dedication that goes in to the making of this backpacks. Multicam might never have been my thing, since I prefer more solid subdue colors. But I do know that boys will go crazy over this Multicam packs now! And I do really like that they are using matching webbing now.
    Just hope they don’t hike the price just because it’s multicam. So far, that has never been the case with either of their products (as far as I can remember) which is awesome since they are made in the USA.

  2. Mike D says:

    I love my TAD Gear Specter jacket and dispatch bag, but you said it, Juan, that price tag… ouch.

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  4. wyyhunter11 says:

    That printed web loses it color pretty fast. Either by wear or sun, the color comes off. The real high-end packs use the woven camo pattern webbing.

  5. Administrator says:

    Unfortunately, not many folks have moved over to the Jacquard webbing.

  6. paulie says:

    All I wanted was some Force-10s in multicam! These packs are pricey but maybe…just maybe Santa will see how good I’ve been this year.

  7. MarkM says:

    If the webbing isn’t covered up by pouches, I have to ask, was the pack purchased as a fad item, or to be specifically used in that way?

    I read the posts, no complaint about the quality of TAD gear, but sometimes you gotta wonder who’s buying all the stuff. The average soldier can’t afford it and knows one tour overseas will destroy most gear. Might as well be issue and get a free replacement.

    That leaves the vocal buyers wondering about why the tape fades – and we’re back to why it should make no difference, unless you’re attempting to impress the boys at the range or coffee shop….

    It’s like quad rails – the average pack user has little need for 2 square feet of PALs webbing and the price tag. Other mundane packs just won’t do, tho, will they?

    Kudos to TAD for knowing their market base.

  8. Joachim says:

    i need a softshell like the ranger hoodie and force 10 pants in mc, hope they hear my call;)

  9. Paul says:

    TAD may make some nice packs and jackets, but their reputation in customer service and questionable business ethics leaves something to be desired.