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Australia Purchases Additional OCUs

Australia is purchasing an additional 10,000 Operational Combat Uniforms. These “test” items will be manufactured from TenCate’s 6.5 oz Defender M fabric. This is the improved fabric used by the US Army and Marine Corps rather than than the earlier fabric used in the first run of ODUs. The ODU is essentially a Crye Precision combat uniform. Apparently, someone at Department of Defence has determined that there is a need for FR protection for the Australian Soldier.

Photo: ABIS Jo Dilorenzo, 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit, Australia DoD

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2 Responses to “Australia Purchases Additional OCUs”

  1. Hammer27 says:

    I’m waiting for the powers that be to just toss the uniform circus out and have everyone in Multicam…might even look good with an EGA on it.

  2. Go Caleb and Crye Precision ! I am glad to see another small American Company kicking some ass and taking orders! Keep up the good work!