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The Story Behind Wolf

Arc’teryx LEAF has been showing their new Wolf color quietly to its customer base for some time now. We’ve even caught a couple of glimpses of the color here and there which we’ve been able to share. The new Wolf color makes a great counterpoint to the Bird’s other exclusive pantone – Crocodile, which was developed several years ago to provide a shade compatible with both greens and browns for the the military side of the LEAF equation. Not only is Wolf well suited for Law Enforcement use, it gives all of us another color option to help blend into the background and truly become the Grey Man.

In conjunction with the release of Wolf, Arc’teryx is also debuting several new styles.

Additionally, Arc’teryx provided us with this official statement which does a great job explaining their concept of Wolf:

Urban Wolf— blend into the sprawl

From a distance, or in situations with marginal light, the greyscale tone of most surfaces is dark grey. Concrete, glass, asphalt and rooftops are common modern backgrounds, environments that are subject to low ambient light and shadows. In these conditions, black stands out in the shadows, easily identifiable and clearly defined. In contrast, dark grey is the least visible colour; it blends into its surroundings.

Optimized for urban and industrial environs and their margins, Wolf breaks with tradition and introduces a colour blend for modern environments. A modern alternative to traditional uniform colourways, grey is less traditional and therefore a less recognizable uniform of authority. Wolf introduces a covert tonal shade for law enforcement purposes in urban environments.

Available in the new Drac Jacket and Drac Pant, Bravo Jacket and new Naga Hoody, the wolf colourway is a practical uniform option and is the colour preferred for Law Enforcement/SWAT and Military Special Forces use.

Arc’teryx leads the pack with Urban Wolf—on patrol in the margins.

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9 Responses to “The Story Behind Wolf”

  1. marginwalker says:

    Looks alot like their allready existing color – Nightshade.

    • Administrator says:

      Arc’teryx has the most extensive color shop in the outdoor industry. They take their colors seriously. It’s a different shade.

      Like I said in my article, it’s the greyscale equivalent of Crocodile. Put it next to Black and it looks more Black, pair it with Grey and the Grey shines through. Crocodile does the same thing with Greens and Browns.

  2. roy says:

    What is the anticipated date these products will be available? And, will Wolf be available in such items as the Alpha jacket? Any idea?

  3. Chris W says:

    I have been realy looking forward to the release of the Wolf color. I saw the preview on Costa’s site of the Drac top and bottom. Just wondering what the Drac combo is like? That may be a question you can’t answer now, but when your at the SHOT Show I ‘m sure they will be on display. Could you give us a little breifing?

  4. DK says:

    I thought Wolf was from Pulp Fiction… “You sendin’ in The Wolf? That’s all you had to say!”.

  5. jack says:

    Having been priviledged enough to wear it for a few hours, I must say the Drac set simply rocks. It’s the perfect combo between a combat apparel and a warmer softshell garment. It’s warm enough for static duties yet not too warm for aerobic activities. The pants feel like nothing I’ve felt before, like combat pajamas.
    And the color is just wicked, perfectly fit for urban work.

  6. wyhunter says:

    WOW, it’s a gray jacket.

  7. Buckaroomedic says:

    I’ve been saying it for years; “gray is the new black”.