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Gentex Announces Purchase of Ops-Core

In a press release, Gentex has announced their purchase of Ops-Core, one of the most innovative tactical companies in the market. We have long been impressed with both their vision and execution of headborne armor systems. Recently, their designs have been selected to protect American as well as Allied personnel and with this they have grown in both size as well as importance. We are pleased to see that Gentex has chosen to expand their offerings with the acquisition of Ops-Core and we feel it will be not only a great fit, but also good for the personnel and units who rely on Ops-Core for their helmets. Congratulations!

Two companies, focused on serving the modern war fighter, have joined today to deliver sophisticated personal protective equipment for elite military units around the world. Ops-Core, Inc., located in Boston, MA, was acquired this week by Gentex Corporation, a long-standing global leader in personal protection and situation awareness products. This agreement reflects a passion to deliver industry-leading solutions shared by both firms.

“Foremost, Ops-Core customers will benefit from the strategic nature of this business transaction,” stated David Rogers, former Ops- Core Chief Executive Officer and new Vice President of Concept Development at Gentex. “Meeting the growing demand and supply of our products with shorter lead times will be supported by Gentex’s substantial manufacturing capabilities,” Rogers explained, “while delivering improved technology solutions for our existing customer base.”

“Accelerating our combined capabilities to successfully meet the increasing demands of the modern warfighter is essential to our business strategy in today’s competitive defense marketplace and is a true convergence of our business strengths,” said L. Peter Frieder, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Gentex Corporation. “Ops-Core is already well known for producing the world’s first and only fully modular helmet platform for ground forces with the ability to meet the U.S. Army’s protective standards with excellent stability, low weight and comfort. Gentex has a proven and long-standing presence in aircrew helmet systems for high-speed jet and rotary wing customers who rely upon integrated night vision, communications and other situation awareness technologies; along with comprehensive skills in advanced materials science and engineering. Having access to such technologies and resulting capabilities will provide Ops-Core’s special operations customers with the ultimate choice of solutions for every mission scenario.”

“In the future, existing Ops-Core products fielded by elite warfighters could easily expand Gentex’s core offerings to more traditional ground forces,” added John Pullo, Vice President of Ground Systems, Gentex.

Gentex has been involved with every advance of Ground and Combat Vehicle Crew protection for the last 50 years, delivering over 1.5 million helmets to such programs as U.S. Army Advanced Combat Helmets (ACH), U.S. Marine Corps Lightweight Helmet, Combat Vehicle Crew (CVC) Helmet and Personnel Protective Armor System Ground Troops (PASGT) Helmet, as well as supplying eye and face protection, communications and other helmet accessories.

Ops-Core was founded in 2005 by David and Viktoria Rogers. David will lead the location and work closely with Gentex’s key business, operations and technical personnel, while Viktoria will remain in an active leadership role at Ops-Core to ensure a seamless transition for customers and employees. Ops-Core will remain at its current Boston location and retain its operations, vendors and employees.

Customers may visit with Ops-Core and Gentex personnel, by appointment only, at the upcoming SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV, from January 17-20, 2012 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, Booth #8111.

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9 Responses to “Gentex Announces Purchase of Ops-Core”

  1. Swiat34 says:

    Now that’s awesome! Hopefully with the better logistics, helmets like th Ops Core can become more mainstream. I hope this might have an effect on the end price but I’m pretty sure I’m only wishing to the stars on that.

  2. Great news, i hope that this is make the product lead times better too. Both companies have issues with getting the product to the market.

  3. straps says:

    Picture me hoping that Gentex–from top to bottom–sees this acquisition as an opportunity to infuse some end-user-needs-driven design into its operations. Ops Core rules at this, Gentex not so much.

    My H-Nape Harness is in many ways the best piece of kit I own. The ARCs that carry the cameras I’m responsible for are absolutely critical to the successful execution of my duties.

    For the sake of the Ops Core employees with new bosses–and for the sake of communities they serve–I hope this is is remembered as a good move…

  4. PLiner says:

    I see no good coming out of this. Ops-Core has had some very innovative ideas and products that sell, Gentex has not produced anything that could be considered innovative in a very long time that actually gets used. Gentex has a horrible record for delivery times on HGU-55/PM HALO helmets to it’s customers. They don’t even stock parts for helmets they make and sell until an order is placed and funds received. Talk to a Gentex rep at a trade show and it becomes apparent he has no connection to the people using the products. Talk to one of the Ops-Core guys and they know what you are talking about, often times they are sitting in your team room discussing issues with you and how to fix them. I am skeptical that anything good will come out of this union and predict OpsCore will get bogged down and assimilated into the black hole that is Gentex.

    • straps says:

      Cool so it’s not just me. Thanks for amplifying…

      • Al says:

        I have to agree that I see no good coming from this…

        • Paul says:

          Concur. Buy your spare H Nape straps and bump helmets now boys and girls. I give it 18-24 monthes before implosion of the entity formerly known as Ops-Core.

          Too bad. Ops Core came up with some innovative products and good custom service.

          It will follow the ghosts of Eagle Ind., Diamondback Tactical., etc etc etc.

  5. Joe says:

    Big Business like Big Gov’t.

    This will create an opportunity for a new small business.

  6. reverend says:

    If the guy on the bottom didn’t say “LUKE! AH’M YO’FATHER!” I’m a monkey’s uncle.