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M-TAC Tablet Pack

Tactical Concealment Manufacturing Corp has diverged just a little from what you wound consider their core business, that of individual signature management. Truth be told, they’ve been developing some innovative tactical nylon for the sniper community for some time. But none of it is like their newly introduced M-TAC (Modular Tactical) Tablet Pack.

Tactical Concealment calls it a “a gadget dream bag” and we’ve never seen anything this comprehensive. Designed to accommodate most tablet brands on the market, there’s no cookie cutter approach here. It is configurable to suit your needs.

The M-TAC definitely lives up to the Modular half of its name. You can configure the M-TAC by using only the components you need. Take a Case which is the heart of the system and serves to transport your tablet, add a Cover to protect your tablet all of the time, top it off with Saddle Attachments which serve to carry accessories and other handy items and you have a fully configured M-TAC Pack. With all of these options, it’s like a portable office.

The Case is a tri-fold design that can be folded back onto itself to form a lap desk. It also features pockets for documents including a clear insert for aide memoires, checklists or maps.

The bi-fold Cover provides hard shell protection for your tablet.

Various Saddle Attachments are available to accommodate accessories and other gadgets. The backside of each Saddle Attachment has four 1-inch MOLLE Straps standard to attach it to the M-TAC Case or other gear.

Whether deploying with your tablet, using it daily in business, or strictly for recreation, this looks to be a very comprehensive system to carry and organize your personal electronics.

Made in USA! and available in both A-TACS and MultiCam.

You can see the M-TAC Tablet Pack at SHOT Show in the following booths: U.S. Tactical Supply (booth #6510), GSS (booth # 6608), ArmorWorks (booth # 8311).


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6 Responses to “M-TAC Tablet Pack”

  1. Additional photos available at: http://ustacticalsupply.com/m-tactabletpack.aspx

    We should have pricing information by tommorow, check our site for updates as they become available.

  2. Tactical Concealment will have pricing listed shortly. In the mean time we encourage you to email or call us for pricing specifics. Thank you for looking.

  3. Nick M says:

    I’m more interested in the little elastic sheet for pens, could really use one to organize admin pouches what with the map markers, sharpies, pen, and mechanical pencil its mighty busy in there with some of the things loose-

  4. Bushman says:

    Hmm.. No way to use the tablet, protected with some hard case or “jacket”?
    And there is one photo with keyboard.. staying separately on “something”. Maybe, it’s possible to attach it where the map case is located on the last photo, but how will the pack support the tablet in semi-vertical position in this case?

  5. TO: NICK M

    Nick, the pen organizer is an accessory to our M-TAC Pack. We will have it available for sale after the Shot Show. Thanks for commenting.


    ANSWER TO: “No way to use the Tablet”
    Hi, There are a few different ways to use the tablet as it is enclosed in the “jumbo” case that you see in the photo, and of course it will involve that you are in a seated position to do so. Follow this link to see a more mobile & functional use of the tablet in support of your comment: http://www.tacticalconcealment.com/pd-m-tac-tablet-case.cfm

    ANSWER TO: Keyboard
    The main case has an external pocket to hold an Apple Bluetooth keyboard. In no-way, shape or form that the keyboard is temporary or permanently attached to the case, map pocket or panel in any way. Once the case is folded so that the tablet is in use (like the photo you see) the keyboard would simply sit on the desktop (or one’s lap) to conduct typing activities.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for commenting!