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DEPSOC 360 Camo at SHOT Show

We’ve been following MMI Tactical’s use of HDI’s DEPSOC 360 Camouflage for some time. While we’ve seen peeks here and there, they are finally ready to unveil the whole enchilada at SHOT Show including some new clothing. In a press release, MMI explains their SHOT Show strategy…

In 2010 MMI entered into a strategic partnership with HDI who invented DEPSOC 360 and at the 2012 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas Nevada MMI will be introducing a new outdoor line of apparel built around 6 unique color patterns that can be used anywhere in the world and can be expanded to an infinite number of color ways for Universal color choice called out by the topography and environment through Kinetic Colorizationâ„¢, a very special and environmentally friendly coloring technology MMI has chosen for fabrics and many of their nylons.

See the full DEPSOC 360 line in booth #10326.


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3 Responses to “DEPSOC 360 Camo at SHOT Show”

  1. Jason Lee says:

    It’s stupid looking as a garment, but it sure is effective. Not bad for a pattern inspired by the markings on baby ducks… at least, that’s what a little bird told me.

    • Just looked at the apparel and they look cool not stupid-would I put them on to fly to New York no but on a cool day out in the mountains or woods yes I would. Ducks talk to Martin he is your duck man

  2. Dave says:

    The video presentation is really effective – much better than the usual photos. The cam works much better than it looks too.