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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Granted, the market is changing and companies that have sold a lot of gear to the US military over the last 10 years have got to come up with ways to diversify their market. We thought we’d seen ‘zombie’ everything until now. EOTech has developed a ‘Zombie Stopper Holographic’ sight. We have this sneaking suspicion that the reticle is shaped like the biohazard symbol. Additionally, they’re offering a ‘Holographic Hybrid Sight Kit as Seen in MW3.’

It’s interesting marketing…Sure, we get it. But this might just be too much. We are definitely looking forward to EOTechs military and tactical offerings.

If you’re at SHOT Show see them in booth #20159.


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14 Responses to “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”

  1. Michael says:

    Oh no…..

  2. Thomasjane says:

    *sob* but you said no zombies this week!

  3. Doc Ras says:

    This is a joke right? There is no way the zombie EOtech can be anything more than a one of a kind industry joke.

  4. T.D. says:

    Ok. Ok….. Now, IMHO the biohazard reticle is too much, but I can live with that. Zombie everything is kind of a running joke for many shooting enthusiasts, and many of us secretly dream of a zombie invasion just so we can actually justify our pretty toys.

    But a Call of Duty combo? Serious-fucking-ly? Is EOTech releasing products for MIL, LEO and serious shooting enthusiasts or for fat kids playing the game mommy bought them for Xmas?

    The Call of Duty Black Ops Jeep was already pushing it too far, but I can’t even respectfully say what I think of this.

  5. Brent says:

    If fat kids playing video games in mom’s basement pay the bills then that is the market. The .mil contracts are going to tighten up and r&d money will have to come from some where.

  6. Ken says:

    Brilliant ideas for advertising. Also, I take it no one has seen Hornady’s zombie ammo.. jeez… are people really that butt hurt over this? Shit, if I was comparing two holographic sights and the only difference was the biohazard reticle and cool zombie stickers, guess which one I would buy for my fun gun. Of course this wouldn’t go on a “no compromise” build, but for cool factor, sure why not.

  7. Kenny says:

    Tacky! Zombies are an absurd popular culture obsession which which self-respecting companies shouldn’t stoop as low as to advertise their products… and Call of Duty? Jeez.

    I would hope that EOTech is just trolling us, in which case this is actually hilarious.


    It’s business. There’s obviously a market & if there’s $ to be made, who cares? If it gets people excited about shooting sports, I’m all for it!
    There are more kids growing up playing video games & watching movies/TV than there are kids out hunting or competition shooting… As time goes on, I expect more companies will jump on board with “zombie, COD, etc” marketing. As military & LEO, I know this won’t impact MY products & honestly I’m happy to see people get into firearm sports, exercising their 2nd amendment rights & preventing World War Z! 😉
    As long as its legal & safe, who gives a damn?!

  9. Mrwtf says:

    Yeah.. ok. But it better not cost 600 bucks to get one of these cheese ball things. Great for airsoft but I don’t know how many real steel shooters are going to snatch these up.

  10. Nerd says:

    As if you were never a kid. Youngsters today are the next shooters of tomorrow. Might as well start em’ young for the greatest hobby in the world!

  11. william says:

    i used a sight simular to this on my last deployment to iraq it worked very well i had 38 confirmed kills this sight is almost a natural optic sight that your eye adjust to it easly not like the iron sights that takes a few seconds for your eye to adjust too generation kill has come home

    • No you don't says:

      William, you’re so full of crap. Does your mom know you’re on the internet?

      As for the products, yeah, they’re stupid, but the market dictates the product. I’m not a fan of Eotech but I don’t fault them for producing what will sell. Plus, look at how much free publicity they’ve got out of it!

      Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Meanwhile, in the land of people who mount their optics on guns that shoot lead instead of airsoft rounds, Aimpoint launches a 2 MOA T1. It’s not like we don’t have great stuff out there for serious shooters.

    • BILL O'RIELLY says:

      william you are such an unbelievable jackass. go play some more call of duty

      the hybrid sight is simply an eotech with a 3x or 4x magnifier mounted behind it. i had an eotech 556 with the 3x magnifier on my m4 in afghanistan and it blew. hated it. the flip release lever was always getting caught on shit while on patrol and the magnifier would always come loose from the shitty mount.