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Cilo Gear Pulls Back the Curtain

We’ve mentioned Cilo Gear in the past but their military programs have remained very much shrouded in mystery. However, this OR we were offered a glimpse at a couple of their newest prototype products.


The first item is a very simple shell garment made from a reversible waterproof breathable fabric which can be printed on both sides. It currently weighs 9.6 oz but should weigh in around 6 oz once the final version comes to market. For example, they are ditching the pocket and changing the zipper and seam tape.


This pack is based on a commercial model WorkSack and will be available in March with a number of different options including drain holds, Terminal Attack Controller options, or as a lid for biggest dumb pack you ever saw. Like all Cilo Gear products its super lightweight, weighing less than a pound, with a final weight pending a couple of new design concepts.


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3 Responses to “Cilo Gear Pulls Back the Curtain”

  1. tigerblue says:

    ATACS brown on one side, green on the other..and some matching pants..and you’ll have a winner.

  2. SleepyDave says:

    I like the MC on one, white/arctic on the other. Make it a little bit looser (or just buy a size larger), and this would be perfect for where I live (because MC is pretty much perfect out here, but it snows like hell occasionally). Is this going to be on the civilian market, or MIL only?

  3. calicojack says:

    any ideas when these will be avail?