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Replay XD1080 Camera

The Replay XD1080 camera is a serious contender in the market of mountable HD cameras such as GoPro and Contour. It features a water-resistant, hard anodized, aluminum mil-spec housing with a double o-ring sealed lens bezel, rear cap, and top push buttons that allows it to operate through any number of adverse conditions. A two-button activation also allows for easy and fast operation, with built-in LED and vibration feedback that alerts the user when the camera is active.

It records using a custom designed 135º wide angle lens, giving it a flatter, clearer picture when compared to similar cameras currently on the market. The front lens bezel can be removed and replaced with a 37mm adapter for aftermarket lens and filter kits. As for audio, the internal microphone has been specially designed to capture the most realistic audio possible while cutting down on wind noise. For situations where an external audio device is preferred, the unit comes with a standard 3.5mm mini-jack adapter.

The XD1080 is supported by a wide range of mounting options, including the HardCore Billet Picatinny mount which features 2-way, 360° positioning and 10° incremental camera ring positions.

The Replay is available from ustacticalsupply.com/replayxd1080.


One Response to “Replay XD1080 Camera”

  1. BS says:

    Does anybody know what’s the water resistance of that cam? I cannot find any info.