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US4CES Camo Preview

ADS Inc has released a few new photos of their US4CES family of camouflage, selected by the US Army as a finalist in their Camouflage Improvement Program. US4CES camouflage patterns share a common shape geometry and are offered in colorways developed specifically for Woodland, Arid, Transitional environments. Additionally, ADS and their partner Guy Cramer have introduced a specific color option for use with Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment that is complimentary to the three environmental patterns. All four of these patterns are currently undergoing the most intensive camouflage testing ever conducted by the US Army or for that matter, anyone. In these photos you can see the various patterns in live environments.


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19 Responses to “US4CES Camo Preview”

  1. CAVstrong says:

    Nice. Its cool to see some pics of the woodland pattern.

    I kind of wish theyd re-release the original simulated images with out the oice vest in the way.

  2. Marc says:

    ….Because the Multicam they spent my tax dollars on isn’t effective? and they want to buy a pattern similar to MARPAT??

    • SSD says:

      The Army is evaluating numerous patterns. It will be interesting to see how they all perform.

    • US Soldier says:

      I am in Afghanistan wearing multi-cam and it is better than our current ACU but not better than US4CES. Plus the woodland pattern does not reflect and I am burning up in the FRACU summer pattern issue.

      We need multiple uniform solutions. We are prepping for the Pacific and possibly Iran. A one uniform solution is not going to solve the problem. With US4CES; we would show the Corps that we went up one better with it. We tried with UCP but failed miserably.

  3. straps says:

    Cramer’s running around showing US4CES to anyone who will look at it.

    Crye’s got Treadstone operatives making sure everything stays under wraps.

    There’s a feature–possibly a book–in this story.

  4. SGT Rock says:

    One word… Multicam. Just do it.

  5. Stefan S. says:

    Not holding my breath.

    • US Soldier says:

      I feel the same way. When they were looking at different uniforms back in 2003; there were better solutions than our current UCP and they sadly picked up. I want US4CES but watch multicam or ghostex get selected.

      They need to put ranks back on the collar and get rid of the velcro too lol

  6. JEFF says:

    I’m really interested to see what Crye has come up with. I’m guessing a desert and woodland color multicam. Knowing how well multicam does all around I’d guess they came up with something great. In the mean time I gotta say I like what Guy Crammer/ADS has came up with too, a huge improvement over UCP. I’ve seen his video in which he explains they tried to do a transitional camo pattern for the OCIE/PPE but I still think having 4 seperate camo patterns is a waste, I know that’s what the gov’t wanted it but it seems like a huge waste.

    • Greg says:

      Probably but if they do, it will 100% degrade all of their consumer confidence (in the civilian and military market) and reliability they had with the original Multicam pattern. When they said (like UCP) it would blend everywhere and wouldn’t need a desert or woodland variants because it was “that damn good!”, like saying something works as good as they say it does, but it really dosn’t.

    • US Soldier says:

      I was thinking the same of a desert; lighter multicam but I have not seen it.

  7. J.D says:

    As stated already….just stick with Multicam!! And get rid of the horrible ACU’s, which IMO is the worst Army combat uniform/pattern ever.

  8. Ssg. Doug says:

    It is actually good to know that someone in the Pentagon listens to the troops! [too bad they did not listen when fielding the black beret!]
    The ACU was poorly thought out and must not have been well tested in real-world situations.
    I also prefer the Multicam pattern but the Marpat/Cadpat is a close second for best use. Too bad the US Army & USMC have to have such a ‘issue’ with using a universal issue combat uniform…Marpat would have been the best first choice.

    • US Soldier says:

      It seems that the Army leadership has a statute of limitations with uniform changes. They always want to wait a decade to right a wrong decision. 10 years for the beret change now 10 years before the uniform fiasco finally gets from wrong to right. Also, the ASU was a stupid idea.

  9. Marcos says:

    what are the chances that the USMC will realize that it was a mistake to go with solid coyote for OICE? it seems counter-intuitive to have 2 of the most effective camo patterns around and then cover 50% of it in a solid color. i dont buy the argument that its to cut down on inventory costs. they would still need the same number of IMTV covers/pouches, just half would be woodland and half desert…

    • Greg says:

      If it came to saving more money, let them keep coyote brown and let the whole army adopt ranger green. It may not be tacticool but having one solid color is 10x cheaper then producing a camo covered vest or rig. We saw that once with the LBV-88 and DBDU.

    • straps says:

      I’d bet that USMC is watching Army’s “transitional” OCIE pattern development effort pretty carefully…