Defenseshield Inc STEGO Modular Armor

The STEGO Modular Armor System is a tactical building set consisting of blocks that provide up to NIJ Level IV 30-06 AP protection. The locks are connected using attached detent pins and can be assembled into a wide variety of configurations. Each kit consists of a total of 60 locks of four different types.

Base block
Provides structural support and a solid foundation for uneven surfaces, as well as immediate armored protection for personnel.

Armor block
These blocks offer full armor protection and are used most frequently.

Weapons port block
Opens to allow the user to engage outside threats and transfer items through the armor system.

Window block
Features user-replaceable ballistic glass to allow the user to identify approaching threats and opens to transfer

STEGO Modular Armor

Be sure to see the STEGO Modular Armor at Warrior Expo East.

Warrior Expo EAST
July 12 1030 – 1600 EDT
July 13 1030 – 1500 EDT
Virginia Beach Convention Ctr
Virginia Beach, VA

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One Response to “Defenseshield Inc STEGO Modular Armor”

  1. eva05 says:

    Blackwater had something like this years ago…the modular sentry station.

    Good stuff 🙂