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Gore Military – Pyrad

We continue our coverage of WL Gore’s various technologies and their military applications with Pyrad. It’s a self-extinguishing fabric technology that adds heat and flame protection properties to non-FR textiles.

First unveiled at last year’s AUSA, Gore Pyrad is one of the most exciting new technologies I’ve seen. It offers enhanced heat and flame protection using non-FR textiles. Think about that. You can still have performance of the fabrics you are comfortable with yet enhance their capabilities by incorporating an FR coating. Now the Pyrad technology has to be applied to the fabric prior to being assembled into finished goods so Pyrad won’t do anything for gear you already own, but could be a great option for future purchases.

Gore takes standard nylon, polyester and other fabrics and hardens them through laminating the Pyrad technology. This allows them to exploit all of the basic fabric’s strengths like nylon’s fast dry out times as well as enhanced camouflage through colorfastness and enhanced UV resistance. Additionally, not only is Pyrad resistant to flame but also self-extinguishing.

If you are attending AUSA this week in Wash DC be sure to visit the Gore Military booth #2925 to check out Pyrad. Additionally, ADS has incorporated Pyrad into their Dismounted FREE system so visit booth #2413 to take a look at an application of Pyrad. If you can’t make it, keep an eye out here on SSD where we’ll continue to show you new applications of the Pyrad technology.


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