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PrimaLoft Partners with GORE Military Fabrics

We’ve mentioned this project before with our exclusive coverage of USSOCOM’s latest Block 2 variant of their Protective Combat Uniform but PrimaLoft and GORE Military Fabrics, have officially announced their teaming to provide a new lightweight loft garment.


This unique partnership between two of the outdoor industry’s leading component suppliers, PrimaLoft and GORE Military Fabrics, has resulted in an innovative layering garment called the Lightweight Loft jacket. The jacket has been adopted as level 3B of the PCU Layering System.

Designed by Patagonia, the PCU issue Lightweight Loft jacket is a combination of PrimaLoft FUSION insulation combined with a Gore 2-layer FASTPACK membrane laminate. Developed as a comfortable soft-shell, it is also durably water-resistant, windproof, easily packable and dries quickly. The Lightweight Loft garment is ideal for layering and works within the PCU (Protective Combat Unit) System used by the Special Operations Forces. In addition, the garment has been printed in several camouflage patterns (some of which include n-IR signature reduction).

“We are very pleased to partner with GORE Military Fabrics on the launch of this highly anticipated lightweight loft garment,” stated Michael Joyce, president and chief executive officer of PrimaLoft, Inc. “The Special Operations Forces (SOF) community has worn PrimaLoft in the field for the last decade and it continues to be the insulation gear of choice worn by the entire U.S. Military. By combining our proprietary technology with GORE Military Fabrics, we are able to offer a distinctive advantage to the U.S. Military to keep our troops warm, dry and comfortable while in the field.”

”Gore has played a pivotal role in providing durably waterproof, windproof, and breathable products to the U.S. military,” says Tim Quinn, Product Specialist at Gore. “We are excited to co-develop a cutting-edge solution with PrimaLoft that offers enhanced comfort, versatility, and improved weather protection. Gore will continue to support improving the mission effectiveness of our warfighters by engineering a broad range of protective fabric technologies that offer distinct capabilities, such as advanced weather protection, flame resistance, and signature reduction.

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8 Responses to “PrimaLoft Partners with GORE Military Fabrics”

  1. Leatherneck says:

    An interesting footnote to PCU development: Between 1999 and 2002, the Current Operations test branch at the USMC Warfighting Lab and MARCORSYSCOM in Quantico spent a good deal of time at high-altitude and in arctic cold to conduct an effort to develop better/lighter cold weather clothing and gear for Marine infantry and reconnaissance troops. We spoke with Mark Twight (then primarily known for his climbing and seminal book on training/clothing/equipment, “Extreme Alpinism”, though also an avid shooter) between 1999 and 2000 and, along with a bit of commentary on the merits of 9mm vs 45ACP vs the (then) new 4.6 and 5.7mm, were able to adapt his concept of the “Action Suit” and belay jacket to military rqmts…basically turning the existing layering system on it’s head as Twight had been doing since his early days climbing. The goal was two-fold: reduce combat load and also provide environmental protection in both “active” and “static” postures. We contracted Wild Things (then a small company for alpinists run by Marie Meunier in North Conway) to make clothing sets used by our 7-man USMC / Royal Canadian Army (PPCLI) spring 2001 team up McKinley, briefed HQMC/CMC and Natick’s USMC/SOCOM clothing dev teams and submitted a white paper detailing a 5-layer clothing kit (base layer/softshell/hardshell/insulating “static jacket”) along with many other items that would enhance mobility and survivability in high-altitude/cold weather conditions. A team composed of 1st Force Recon Marines/Sailor and Mountain Leaders from Quantico and the Bridgeport Mountain Warfare Training Center then conducted various climbing/ski mountaineering trips in CONUS as well as expeditions to the Alaska Range twice (Hunter and McKinley with the support of 210RQS and the Sugar Bears/HART), Cordillera Blanca, Aconcagua, and Norway’s arctic to assess the clothing and equipment. Wild Things provided great clothing and responsiveness to specific requirements and tight timelines. Needless to say, 9-11 ramped up the interest in hitting targets in high/cold conditions and money and interest skyrocketed. TF58 1st Force Recon deployed to Afghanistan in early 02 with some of our items as they roamed IVO Khandahar in support of the Marine efforts at the airfield to provide support to the SOF moving even further abroad in pursuit of HVT1. Always great to read that development of CW/HA clothing is ongoing.

  2. Andrew says:

    Is Primaloft Berry compliant?

  3. Andrew says:

    Well that’s good to know. I figured it would have to be Berry but that didn’t jive with what I was told, hence my confusion.

    Thanks guys, much appreciated.