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Primaloft, Inc To Introduce Primaloft Black Insulation at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017

Friday, December 30th, 2016

LATHAM, N.Y. (December, 2016) – PrimaLoft, Inc., the world leader in providing comfort solutions with high-performance insulations and fabrics, will introduce PrimaLoft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume, the industry’s highest-performing blowable synthetic insulation with the look and feel of natural down, at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017. PrimaLoft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume features a unique blend of water-resistant PrimaLoft® fibers that deliver insulating loft, wet weather protection and compressibility. Black ThermoPlume is manufactured with small, silky tufts of fiber plumes that collectively form a loose fill insulation, replicating the lightweight warmth, softness and compressibility of natural goose down. Its construction allows for it to be blown through traditional down-blowing manufacturing equipment, simplifying the manufacturing process for brands enabling product designers the freedom to create innovative garments combining the look and feel of down with the water-resistant performance of a synthetic. Respected brands, such as Montane, are among the first to adopt this technology for fall ’17. In addition to PrimaLoft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume, the brand will showcase an expanded presence for the company’s range of Active and Eco products, most notably, PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Active and PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Eco, at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, booth #40043.

“PrimaLoft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume is not only the highest performing blowable synthetic insulation, but also fills a growing demand for innovation from designers, brands and consumers looking to move away from down, without sacrificing performance,” said Mike Joyce, president and CEO of PrimaLoft, Inc. “Providing a blowable, high-performing synthetic that acts as a true replacement for down allows brands to replicate the design aesthetic and the manufacturing process of a down garment. This helps to simplify the supply chain, combat the volatility of down prices and provides piece of mind when it comes to the ethical sourcing of materials.”

PrimaLoft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume delivers thermal properties equivalent to 550 fill power down in construction, while a water-resistant proprietary finish ensures warmth even in wet conditions.

Montane, a leading engineer of innovative extreme sports clothing and equipment, features PrimaLoft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume in its new Men’s Icarus and Women’s Phoenix Jackets for fall ’17, with streamlined designs ideal for both layering and standalone use.

“The new all-synthetic ThermoPlume from PrimaLoft® enabled our designers to leverage the benefits of synthetic down through the same efficient production methods as natural down for our fall winter 2017 range,” said Lottie Watkinson, design manager at Montane. “Mimicking natural down more closely than ever before, but with all the wet weather performance advantages of PrimaLoft®, our design team has worked to harness its innovative properties to bring consumers cutting edge, down centric styles. The packability and thermal efficiency of ThermoPlume lends itself to our technical yet versatile fall winter 2017 insulation portfolio in our new Icarus and Phoenix Jackets.”

Huge Savings on Hooded PrimaLoft Sweaters from Wild Things

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Save big on these Hooded PrimaLoft Sweaters from Wild Things. Offered in a veritable rainbow of color options, choices include these camouflage prints: Night Desert, UCP, Woodland and Winter Camo (not shown).

These quilted sweaters integrate a hood as well as zip front and are insulated with 4 oz of PrimaLoft.


PrimaLoft Partners with GORE Military Fabrics

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

We’ve mentioned this project before with our exclusive coverage of USSOCOM’s latest Block 2 variant of their Protective Combat Uniform but PrimaLoft and GORE Military Fabrics, have officially announced their teaming to provide a new lightweight loft garment.


This unique partnership between two of the outdoor industry’s leading component suppliers, PrimaLoft and GORE Military Fabrics, has resulted in an innovative layering garment called the Lightweight Loft jacket. The jacket has been adopted as level 3B of the PCU Layering System.

Designed by Patagonia, the PCU issue Lightweight Loft jacket is a combination of PrimaLoft FUSION insulation combined with a Gore 2-layer FASTPACK membrane laminate. Developed as a comfortable soft-shell, it is also durably water-resistant, windproof, easily packable and dries quickly. The Lightweight Loft garment is ideal for layering and works within the PCU (Protective Combat Unit) System used by the Special Operations Forces. In addition, the garment has been printed in several camouflage patterns (some of which include n-IR signature reduction).

“We are very pleased to partner with GORE Military Fabrics on the launch of this highly anticipated lightweight loft garment,” stated Michael Joyce, president and chief executive officer of PrimaLoft, Inc. “The Special Operations Forces (SOF) community has worn PrimaLoft in the field for the last decade and it continues to be the insulation gear of choice worn by the entire U.S. Military. By combining our proprietary technology with GORE Military Fabrics, we are able to offer a distinctive advantage to the U.S. Military to keep our troops warm, dry and comfortable while in the field.”

”Gore has played a pivotal role in providing durably waterproof, windproof, and breathable products to the U.S. military,” says Tim Quinn, Product Specialist at Gore. “We are excited to co-develop a cutting-edge solution with PrimaLoft that offers enhanced comfort, versatility, and improved weather protection. Gore will continue to support improving the mission effectiveness of our warfighters by engineering a broad range of protective fabric technologies that offer distinct capabilities, such as advanced weather protection, flame resistance, and signature reduction.

US Made Mountain Serapes Now Available from HPG

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Hill People Gear has announced that they are bringing Mountain Serapes back regularly and these latest deliveries are made in USA! The Mountain Serape is a fantastic 3-season multi-purpose garment/sleep system.

Hill People Gear told us how these are different from previous models:
-Made in the US out of US materials (which required the price increase)
-Based on feedback from Joe when he was using one on a helicopter in Afghanistan, we added a hook on the drawcord so you can go into greatcoat mode without using the zipper if you want to
-The material is a little beefier, resulting in a finished weight of 2.5 lbs
-The zipper pull on the main zipper is an “over the top” so it can be manipulated from either inside or outside of the Serape
-Insulated with Primaloft insulation quilted to the inner shell only. This makes the piece a little bit warmer and more weather resistant

They are available in Ranger Green and MultiCam with a Ranger Green liner.


OR – Military Appreciation Dinner

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Approaching it’s 10th year, the Military Appreciation dinner at Outdoor Retailer is held one evening each Summer and Winter market. Sponsored by various members of the outdoor industry that support military applications of their technologies, the dinner brings together industry and government for an evening of good food as well as an opportunity to meet new people and share stories.

This Military Appreciation Dinner was sponsored by Camelbak, Epic by Nextec, Primaloft, Smith Optics, and Velcro USA. Thank you all!

OR – Rocky Boots

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Rocky Boots is expanding the S2V line to the civilian market with both footwear and clothing. The new Substratum is an insulated hiker. It features 400G Primaloft as well as aero therm nanotechnology midsole insulation. It is also crampon compatible.



PrimaLoft Inc and Prudential Capital Group Announce Completion of Acquisition from Albany International Corp

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

PrimaLoft, Inc announced that it has completed the acquisition of the assets of PrimaLoft from Albany International Corp.

The purchase of PrimaLoft was led by Michael Joyce, former President of Albany International Corp’s Applied Technology Group, and the PrimaLoft senior management team. The purchase of the PrimaLoft business was supported by Prudential Capital Group.

“Today is an exciting day for the PrimaLoft brand,” stated Michael Joyce, president and chief executive officer of PrimaLoft, Inc. “Over the last 20 years, PrimaLoft has grown to become the world leader in performance insulations and yarns. We’ve had an incredibly rich history with Albany International Corp, and now we look to the future and focus our efforts on unlimited opportunities to reinvest in the brand to drive innovation, grow brand awareness, elevate our partnerships and exceed the expectations of our world renowned customers.”

“We look forward to working with Michael Joyce, and the entire PrimaLoft team as they focus on driving long term growth for the brand,” said Paul Meiring, principal, Prudential Capital Partners.

The entire global PrimaLoft team will remain in place and offices will remain headquartered in Albany, New York; with European office locations in Ballo, Italy and Munich, Germany.

To learn more about PrimaLoft, visit www.primaloft.com.

PrimaLoft, Inc and Prudential Capital Group announce purchase of PrimaLoft from Albany International Corp

Friday, May 4th, 2012

PrimaLoft, Inc, recently announced that it had executed an agreement to purchase the PrimaLoft products business from parent Albany International Corp. PrimaLoft is the world leader in high performance insulations and yarns used in leading outdoor and fashion brands, home furnishings, work wear and military applications.

The purchase of PrimaLoft is being led by Michael Joyce, former President of Albany International Corp’s Applied Technology Group, and the PrimaLoft senior management team. The purchase of the PrimaLoft business is supported by Prudential Capital Group, which has had a 20-year relationship with Albany International Corp Prudential Capital Partners, sponsored by Prudential Capital Group, has provided the financing.

“This is an incredible opportunity for the future of PrimaLoft and I am excited to again work with PrimaLoft and the management team,” stated Michael Joyce, who will become president and chief executive officer of PrimaLoft, Inc. “PrimaLoft has grown to become the world leader in performance insulations and yarns. This move will enable PrimaLoft to continue to grow by making the necessary investments in the brand to maintain its leadership position in the marketplace.”